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The Scriptures of Truth

The Third Scripture of Truth

When they arose, they found one item in their possession which was not there the night before. For each of them it was different, and they had not been given a clue as to what its purpose was, other than a vision. Each knew that the item coincided with the vision they received, but did not know how to apply it just yet. They had also been given Sand tattoos on their pelvic areas, which were all identical.

Trust in Me, my Sons, and you cannot fail.

They were gathered into groups for our Daily Sermon, saying their Holy Dio's, when the Seer approached. He divided them into small groups, taking their pilgrimages into separate regions of the Bovine Herds. Commanding us one by one, they were sent into Corners of the Garden of the Ancients.

One to the North, One to the South, One to the East, and One to the West, you shall divide. Take enough Q5 Sand with you to satisfy cravings for many days, as this will be a very hard mission which you will need strength for.

They gathered around the shrine of Altnabla, as the Aura was sent to them, a Greyish mist that would follow them wherever they went. Their packs, once full of nothing but blessed Sand, were now stocked with unlimited amounts of Sand Pellets they used in their PAK 47s. They were well prepared by the Grace of Dio, and they were all supremely confident that their missions would be great success.

Each were assigned duties within the Camp. Great forces such as Publius the Mighty and Brother Hab were chosen to mercifully slay the Bovine beasts they encountered, to the North and East, while the Seer and his Ray of Truth covered the South and West. Xtasia and Policy, with Sniper Scopes attached to their PAK 47's, guarded the camps, ensuring the safety of our worshippers from Bovine Plague.

Others were assigned to project the future, and predict the truths which they would enforce upon the world. Their main duties were to ensure that what was happening now, and what Dio commanded them be written down and finished.

The second week of the return of Dio to his Holy Empire brought about the end of the suffering of the Bovines. Dio rejoiced in the Glory, but advised to be wary of them. They were a very sneaky beast, and could potentially strike at any time. They partied that night, more than they had partied in two lifetimes. Round one was complete, one menace nearly completely removed from the map. They took sanction in the Bovine Containment Zone, where Dio could watch over them, and turn them from heathen to believer. It separated them from Dio's Empire, the Empire which he had built, commanded, and ruled.

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