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The Scriptures of Truth

The Second Scripture of Truth

Citizens from across the World began to take notice of the transformation of the Empire. They had begun warming up to the Sons of Pakistan, seeing the potential they carried. Visitors to the Holy Land increased every day, coming to the new Temple of the Omega, staring at the Garden of the Ancients with an open mouth.

The Dioists awoke from their slumber to see the Seer before them, a cloth wrapped over his eyes. Bewildered, they wondered what had happened.

"I disobeyed Dio", the Seer replied. "I beg that none of you do the same, for your punishment might be more severe."

They all took the lesson in, most of them already knowing that anyone who chooses to disobey the Almighty must be taught a lesson in one form or the other. It can be difficult, as proven by ancient times, but true sight lies within Dio, all that they must do is follow. They were all more aware of this than ever, as they readied their packs for another long journey.

Stepping out of the huts for the first time in a fortnight, they saw what Dio's Will had brought upon his Holy Lands. Where the heathen city once stood, stood only a Temple which towered over Pakistan. They walked through the Temple, noticing that it contained rooms and prayer booths.

"These are not for you, my sons", said a voice from the Temple. "These are for travellers which come to pay homage and need a place to stay. You shall all stay in the huts you've been given, until the Empire expands to the Holy Lands which it rightfully holds claim to."

They stayed in the Garden for about half a day, praying to the statues of the Priests that had come before them, but their comfort did not last long. Nearly immediately after they left, a dark cloud appeared over their neighbours to the East, in the shape of Dio's face.

"Go to them, cleanse them of their heathen ways. Be quick, yet merciful."

They went, and went with a Fury that had not been unleashed upon the World. Dioists from all over flocked, encountering a new menace to battle. These were not the snout nosed beasts they normally faced, but larger, more fearsome beasts which used their size to sit on their foes. They were not afraid, however. One by one, they slayed the beasts, feasting on their unusually delicious carcasses, carving them from one rib to the other.

"Holy Meat", said Dio. "We shall include this in your daily diet, but only after it's been boiled at the temperature of the Sun to ensure all sickness has been burned from existence."

At the end of the day, they had carved through half their Eastern Neighbours territory, removing all foreign presences from the Empire's Chosen Land. Dio commanded, stop now. Rest, to regain your strength. Soon, the rest of the Bovine menace shall fall, but we must party with Pakigirl so you do not lose your way. Brother Hab was a bit disappointed, but did as he was told.

That night was full of wine and Party as the group rested up the proper way. Tomorrow would be another day. Another Prophet would be chosen and lead. As they slept in their huts, each received a separate vision. Little did they know, each would need the other to complete their mission.

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