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The Scriptures of Truth

The First Scripture of Truth

They could all feel the cold breeze upon their arrival. The Empire had changed quite a bit since their last visit to Pakistan, the normal warmth which graced the wind and lands there had chilled a bit. It certainly was not the Pakistan they remembered, with Pakigirls lining the Sand walkways. Instead, it had been replaced by large buildings reminiscent of the lands they came from. A small group of huts lay just on the outside of the Holy Land of the Punjab, remnants of a time of greatness. They travelled to those huts, to find the true believers, knowing that only there could they rest their heads.

One of the Prophets was chosen individually to go to the Center of the City. Ridden with filth, smelling of Bacon and Pork Rinds, he had to hold his nose just to enter the city limits. Large signs of Capitalism and filth caught his attention. It was a good thing he had brought a large supply of his own Q5 Sands to quench his thirst, as he passed large water fountains which had sale signs on them. Dio would never force his children to purchase the Sand they drank. He knew, walking through those streets, what his mission would be. He would lay to waste every ounce of Disgusting that lived in this city.

Dio's apparition came to him just as he crossed a small spot within the City. It was a Park lined with Snow and Trees. The further he had walked into that City, the Lighter in his pocket, which he carried to light his Holy Cigars became hotter and hotter. He knew that in order to prove himself to Dio, he must endure the pain which Dio blessed him with. Only a true believer would do as he was told regardless of his self preservation. A Dioist carries out his missions, he thought.

Dio commanded him to stop in this spot. "This will be the Center of the new Holy Land, Max", Dio commanded.

"How do I create this Center?" asked Max.

"Remove the Lighter from your pocket, and drop it under this heathen snow bank. Return to the others, and do not look back. If you do, you'll lose your sight from the Light I'm about to spread."

Max did as he was told, dropping the lighter just underneath the large snow bank. Dio had learned that these "Glass" buildings were made purely of Sand, yet melted to each grain to form this solid compound. He knew how to rid the Holy Lands of its presence. In the spot where the Lighter would be dropped would emerge Dio's new Temple, the Temple of Omega. In this place all Dioists would travel to worship from near and far, to be taken by its beauty and simplicity.

Max walked slowly back towards the others, but did the one thing that he was commanded not to do. As he left the city limits, he turned his head just briefly, to see what Dio's true spirit could conjour. He wanted to see those vile things laid to rest. As he did, the retinas in his eyes burned greater than any pain he had ever seen. Dio's apparition once again appeared before him, although he could only smell the fine Cigars.

"I told you not to look Max. You shall forever lose your sight. Perhaps next time you'll do as commanded without needing the simple pleasure of sight to know that my Will is always carried out. You will forever be known not as Max, but as the Seer."

The others had not been told of the coming destruction which would remove the vile plague from the Holy Land of the Punjab. They sat in their huts, praying and sleeping for the missions that they would be given. For each mission, Dio told them, a new Prophet would be chosen to spread his word.

It was his Will, and it was being carried out right before their eyes. They could already feel the warmth filling Pakistan's Holy Sands. Normalcy was returning to Pakistan, and the Empire would return.

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