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The Scriptures of Truth

The Prelude to the Fourth Book

It had been some time since Dio's word had been spoken unto the people of the Holy Empire. While they lived it each day, they were becoming more and more entrenched in the ways of the West. The sons of Dio had become greedy, forgetting the ways of their creator. In his heart, Dio knew that his sons were still pure in their ways, they just needed to be shown the injustice in their path.

He decided he would come back to Pakistan in the form of a mortal. He knew that he would be questioned in doing so, but it would only serve to further show who still truly believed in Dio, and who needed the ultimate lesson in his power.

As Dio looked over the World, he chose a small group of true believers to come back to Pakistan, to re-establish what Dio meant to the Empire, and how it would rule the World. From all over the World, true Dioists flocked to the Holy Land. Their one true mission would be to spread the Word of Dio to those who had forgotten. They knew it would be tough, and would take them some time, but they prepared for the journey by bringing Pakigirl and Q5 Sand with them.

Their pilgrimage would be successful, it had to be. It was the Will of Dio. It had to be done.

One by one, Pakistan was filled with the Divine Being. His essence was provided in small bits, choosing not to take the form of just one Mortal, but all of them. He had decided early on that by giving each of the Mortals a small bit of himself, he could enrich Society further than he had ever done before. Each of them would represent him in their own way, fulfilling his prophecies one by one.

Chosen Ones, he would call them. Exodus, they would make. The Empire would be whole again, starting with the Bovine Menace to the East.

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