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This article contains the religious views of Dioism. (What's this?)

The Scriptures of Truth is the fourth holy text of the religion of Dioism, the state religion of the Holy Empire of Pakistan. It is the fourth official chronicle of the adventures of Dio Brando, as told by Dio himself. It is not intended to be a historical account, but a public narration of the world, as seen by Dio. It is the only religious text in existence to be written by God himself.



Dio Brando is a secondary protagonist, something of a guide in The Scriptures.

The Seer

Max McFarland 2, his heathen name, was renamed the Seer as his sight was taken as punishment for not following every commandment given to him by Dio. He was one of the main protagonists in the Exodus.

 True sight lies within Dio, all that they must do is follow. 


Dio created many new terms to describe the places and races in The Scriptures.

Bovine Beasts
The primary antagonists in The Scriptures. They are offspring of the illiswine, only much fatter in size. They carry rumps instead of snouts, and are delicious when carved up and grilled over the fire. Served well with Wine or Sand.
The Exodus
The primary protagonists in The Scripture. They are chosen Dioists from around the World, which had been chosen to return to Pakistan to once again spread Dio's influence to this new generation of Sand.

Reading The Scripture of Truth

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