This alliance was annexed into Lordaeron on 22 November 2016.  More information is available here.

The Saints

The Saints Flag
Flag of The Saints

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Basic Details
Founded 09/21/2016
Headquarters Europe
Color Purple
Status Defunct
Boss James XVI
Underboss Peacockpengui
Score 6000+
Average Score 600+
Alliance Rank 46
Protector: Roz Wei
Active Treaties

The Saints (full name: The Third Street Saints) was a paperless, purple team based in Europe, and founded on The 21st September 2016 by James XVI. The Saints theme is based on the main characters' gang in the videogame Saints Row. The Saints officially declared their existence on October 7th and was found by James XVI. Throughout their existence, they were protected by Roz Wei. They eventually merged into Lordaeron.

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