This alliance has disbanded.

The Roanoke Empire

Cape Verde Flag
Flag of The Roanoke Empire

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Basic Details
Founded September 23, 2016
Headquarters North America
Color Red
Status Disbanded
Emperor Patrick Higgins
Dukes/Duchesses Xaiwan, Ragnar
Knights HT123, Michael Payette, Vordo III
As of November 7, 2016
Total Nations 16
Score 2,729.13
Average Score 170.57
Alliance Rank 58
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
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The Roanoke Empire (TRE) is an alliance formed by Korux and is now led by Patrick Higgins. It was formed for the reason of uniting all nations that are in need of assistance or help rebuilding. However, due to corruption and the dislike of Korux, a successful coup was performed and was led by Patrick Higgins, who is now the current leader.


  • NAP with Cerberus EX
  • NAP with Avansies
  • NAP with Global Communist Bloc
  • NAP with Northern Communist Regions
  • NAP with Euroasian Union
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