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This alliance was annexed into Valinor and United Socialist Nations.

The Revolutionary Front

The Revolutionary Front Flag.png
Flag of The Revolutionary Front

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Basic Details
Founded April 19, 2018
Headquarters North America
Color Black
Status Defunct
Visionary Réjs
Éminence Grise Oberstein,
Senior Agitator rey,
Comrade Hamilcar
As of 29 January 2019
Total Nations 27
Score 66,000+
Average Score 2,400+
Alliance Rank 36
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MnDP Fark
ODP World Task Force

The Revolutionary Front (TRF) was a black team alliance that formed as the result of the merge of Stratagem and The Communist International on the 18th of April, 2018. According to its description, The Revolutionary Front is a highly selective international, and tight-knit collective that prides itself on loyalty, respect and solidarity.


The Revolutionary Front's government is a diarchy and consists of two leaders entitled Visionaries. Additionally it consists of several Éminence Grise serving as an advisory council along with administering some other executive duties, and a group of Senior Agitators who perform various executive tasks.


The Revolutionary Front was officially founded on the 18th of April as a result of the merge of Stratagem and The Communist International. It retained the two treaties with Fark and Guardian from Stratagem.


Incumbent Visionaries Éminence Grise Senior Agitiators
April 18, 2018 - Present Queen M,
The Internationalist,
Quan Tativ,
Comrade TCB,
Comrade Hamilcar