The Return Voyage Treaty

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Treaty Type: Optional Defense Pact
Treaty Signed: January 8, 2017
Treaty Upgraded: August 25, 2017
Treaty Status: Upgraded

The Return Voyage Treaty is an Optional Defense Pact signed between Acadia and Polaris on January 8, 2017. The treaty was upgraded on August 25, 2017 to the Arctic Ocean Pact.

"Greetings to my old friend, General Polaris."

Admiral Acadia sat in his ship's quarters writing a letter. He could hear the wind howling and the ship rocked with the boisterous waves. He continued to write even though the table was moving around the room because of the dynamic movement of the storm.

"How have you been? It's been a long time since we last saw each other." Lightning flashed, lighting up the entire room for a tenth of a second.

"I was thinking. We should have some sort of agreement. Times have changed and I believe we can work together once more towards our goals." Thunder rumbles and crashes. The cacophony of sound echoed around the ship.

"Here is what I propose:

Article I: Feather and Ink Clause

Polaris and Acadia agree to share information with each other in order to help each other grow and be protected.

Article II: No Hostilities Clause

Polaris and Acadia agree to never fight each other as friendship and non-aggression go hand in hand. All disputes will be handled privately and in a polite manner.

Article III: Teamwork Clause

Polaris and Acadia agree that should either of them come under attack, the other is highly encouraged to come to their aid, but that this is by no means an obligation.

Article IV: 'Till We Meet Again Clause

Polaris and Acadia agree that if things go terribly wrong and either of them wishes to end the agreement, they will inform the other 48 hours before making it public.

I hope you agree to this, General Polaris, and I shall see you soon when I get home from this sea voyage.

Yours Truly,

Admiral Acadia"

Another flash of lightning occurred and Admiral Acadia vowed to get the letter posted as soon as he could.

General Polaris sat at her Military HQ reading a letter she had just received. She smiled remembering the good times she had with Admiral Acadia. She took up a fountain pen and signed the agreement.


Signed for Acadia

Lord Proprietor: TheNG
Patroon: George
Cape Merchant (Finance): Kyte
Intendant (Internal Affairs): JD Keller
Captain (Military): Dorsaiwolf
Chief Agent (Foreign Affairs): RightHonorable

Signed for Polaris

Emperor - Almighty Grub
Regent - EaTeM
Minister of Truth - Alexia
Minister of Peace - Kriegskoenig
Minister of Love - WSxPhoenix
Minister of Plenty - Dendarii

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