The Regiment

Flag of The Regiment

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Basic Details
Founded 5 September 2019
Headquarters North America
Color Red
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Commander In Chief Simmons
General - Milcom & IA Jack Rackham
General - Econ & FA Rag
As of 1-11-20
Total Nations 28
Score 42,337.62
Average Score 1,512.06
Alliance Rank 38
Active Blocs
MDoAP Iron Clad
Active Treaties
ODoAP Teutonic Order
MDoAP The Lost Empire
MDoAP Federation Of Commerce States
Protectorate Farkistan
Protectorate Beacon Inc

The Regiment is a small red alliance formed on the fifth of September 2019.

The Regiment was formed as a new beginning with the purpose of being the brotherhood that its founders desired yet could never achieve before that day. As well as to move past the history they could not seem to escape. We are looking for those out there who can show loyalty to that brotherhood, show resilience in any circumstance, and who can follow orders. Our goal is wealth and strength for all of our members. No life 'til leather.

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Coming Soon.

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Declaration of Existence
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