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The purple gecko

The Purple Gecko`s appearance in the "Juche" versions. According to the "Moderate" versions, this is how The Gecko looked like.

The Purple Gecko is an revered ideology in the United Purple Nations. Further domestic versions include The Orange Gecko and The Viking Gecko, in The Dutch East India Company and the former alliance called Nifimir Rikki, respectivley. 

Family & HistoryEdit

The Gecko was first defined by Aenir of UPN. While The Gecko was overly dedicated to the keeping of the United Purple Nations inpeace, the Dioist imperialists bribed Aenir in taking The Gecko hostage. Aenir demanded pay for the freedom of The Gecko, which was abruptly declined by members of the United Purple Nations . After this, there is a disagreement between what happened to The Gecko. While the "moderate" versions say The Gecko was shot dead, the "Juche" versions say The Gecko roundhouse kicked Aenir  and escaped to The Gecko`s dragon brothers in the Brotherhood of the Clouds . Aenir `s decision to piss of The Purple Gecko was dearly in the Oktoberfest .

Later, The Purple Gecko, the heir and son to The Gecko was discovered by a UPN member called "Alfonso". Another member called Greatkitteh named The Purple Gecko the heir in  Year 1, Month 1, Day 1, and second 1. (Using The Purple Gecko calendar .)

The Viking Gecko was introduced after the Nifimir Rikki split from The United Purple Nations . Much later, the Dutch East India Company made the new domestic version of The Purple Gecko, The Orange Gecko . The Orange Gecko is an comrade of the Purple Gecko.

Tales and achievements Edit

The Purple Gecko is known for its good and hard achievements. His achievements include

Age 1 Edit

-The weather changed from winter to summer and created a sharp pain to the imperialists.

-The Purple gecko single handlely fought off Dio, Aenir, and the British east india company

-The Purple gecko, under immense odds, defeated the HMS dreadnought in a swimming race. The Purple Gecko swam on land, while HMS Dreadnought was receiving massive amounts of help from dio.

-The Purple Gecko found the cure of an direct tank hit

Age 2 Edit

- The purple gecko learned how to drive Russia and kill stone

- The purple gecko simultaneously won world war one and world war five.

-The purple gecko killed dio one day before the purple gecko killed dio

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