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Basic Details
Color Black
Status Active
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Pirate King
  • Monkey D Luffy
  • Nomi
  • Ulysses

  • Super
  • Hodor
  • Eljierro
  • Zamazenta

As of 16 Apr 2020
Total Nations 26
Score 30,942.20
Average Score 1,190.08
Alliance Rank #1
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

The Pirate Syndicate (TP$) is a test server alliance which was founded by Monkey D Luffy. Sir Scarfalot and Adrienne were its founding members. TP$ has participated in various test server tournaments and its members have won many awards and accolades over the years.

Ingame Description

TP$ is the premier pirate alliance since the 3rd test server tournament.

We've won the most wars, burned the most infra, looted the most loot, and mined the most salt, and we'll do it again!


Alliance Rules

  • Do not mix real server politics with test server politics.


  • Founderstag (Founder)
  • Pirate King (Leader)
  • Emperor (Heir)
  • Warlord (Officer)
  • Captain (Member)


April 2020 Tournament

The April 2020 Tournament was an informal tournament which took place from 3 to 8 April 2020.

1st Place

  • Highest Score: Xaxong of China
  • Most Infra Destroyed: Sir Scarfalot
  • Most Money Looted: Satan (aka Sandro)
  • Most Wars Won: Satan
  • Highest Population: Xaxong of China
  • Most Soldiers Lost: Super
  • Most Tanks Lost: Super
  • Most Aircraft Lost: Sir Scarfalot
  • Most Ships Lost: Ulysses (aka Alexandros o Megas)
  • Most Missiles Launched: Sir Scarfalot
  • Most Missiles: Satan
  • Most Nukes: Nomi
  • Highest Approval: Satan (Note: excluding Alex who was 1st)

Other Top 10

  • Most Infra Destroyed (2nd): Ulysses
  • Most Infra Destroyed (7th): Nomi
  • Most Wars Won (2nd): Sir Scarfalot
  • Most Wars Won (3rd): Ulysses
  • Most Wars Won (5th): Linda
  • Most Money Looted (2nd): Vizon
  • Most Money Looted (7th): Ulysses
  • Most Money Looted (8th): Linda
  • Most Money Looted (10th): Monkey D Luffy
  • Most Soldiers Lost (2nd): Sir Scarfalot
  • Most Soldiers Lost (8th): Ulysses
  • Most Soldiers Lost (10th): PRESIDENT
  • Most Tanks Lost (2nd): Sir Scarfalot
  • Most Tanks Lost (7th): Llojsa
  • Most Tanks Lost (8th): PRESIDENT
  • Most Tanks Lost (9th): Monkey D Luffy
  • Most Tanks Lost (10th): Goober
  • Most Aircraft Lost (2nd): Ulysses
  • Most Aircraft Lost (4th): Super
  • Most Aircraft Lost (9th): PRESIDENT
  • Most Aircraft Lost (10th): Nomi
  • Most Ships Lost (3rd): Sir Scarfalot
  • Most Ships Lost (6th): Super
  • Most Ships Lost (9th): Goober
  • Most Missiles Launched (2nd): Goober
  • Most Missiles Launched (3rd): Satan
  • Most Nukes Launched (2nd): Ulysses
  • Most Nukes Launched (5th): Super and Nomi
  • Most Nukes Launched (7th): Linda
  • Highest Approval (3rd): Ulysses
  • Highest Approval (4th): Sir Scarfalot
  • Highest Approval (6th): Linda
  • Lowest Approval (2nd): Miguel Lagenes
  • Lowest Approval (3rd): katashimon13
  • Lowest Approval (4th): Thomas Insaniac

2018 Halloween Tournament

  • Most Wars Won: Sir Scarfalot
  • Most Infra Destroyed: Sir Scarfalot
  • Most Money Looted: Kurisu (aka Epimetheus)
  • Most Nukes Launched: Sir Scarfalot & Vito
  • Most Missiles Launched: Sir Scarfalot
  • Highest GDP: Xaxong
  • Highest Population: Xaxong
  • Most Soldiers Lost: Xea Evangelos
  • Most Tanks Lost: Xea Evangelos
  • Most Aircraft Lost: Xea Evangelos
  • Most Ships Lost: Xea Evangelos
  • Most Nukes Eaten: Xea Evangelos
  • Most Infra Lost: Xea Evangelos
  • Most Wars Lost: Xea Evangelos

Tournament 5

  • Most Infra Destroyed: Sir Scarfalot

Tournament 3

  • Most Damage: Sir Scarfalot
  • Most Loot: Sir Scarfalot
  • Most Wars Won: Sir Scarfalot

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