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The Parti Rep Conflict
Date February 5 - February 23, 2018
Casus belli None formally given
Status Inconclusive - Terminal Jest disbands
Preceded by
Kastor's Karma War
Dead Knights Tell No Tales

Terminus Jest Flag.jpg
Terminal Jest
Arrgh Flag.png

The Inquisition Flag.png
The Inquisition

Black Knights Flag.png
Black Knights
Cornerstone Flag.png
Guardians of the Galaxy Flag.png
Guardians of the Galaxy
New Pacific Order War Flag.png
New Pacific Order

Zodiac Flag.jpg

Acadia Flag 2.jpg


Terminus Jest Flag.jpg Partisan
Arrgh Flag.png Bluebear

Black Knights Flag.png Tiber
Cornerstone Flag.png Aristide
Guardians of the Galaxy Flag.png Seeker
New Pacific Order War Flag.png Roquentin
Zodiac Flag.jpg Pablo
Zodiac Flag.jpg Taco
Acadia Flag.png TheNG

Casualties and losses
19.26 Billion 42.96 Billion

The Parti Rep Conflict is a conflict which began on February 5, 2018 when Terminal Jest declared war on Acadia, Black Knights, Cornerstone, Guardians of the Galaxy and New Pacific Order. Zodiac attacked Terminal Jest in defense of their allies in Inquisition.

By February 23, Terminal Jest had disbanded.

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