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Pantheon - NSR War
Date June 28th, 2018 to July 10th 2018
Casus belli NSR attacks on a Pantheon gov member
Result Pantheon Victory

Pantheon Flag 2.png

Nordic Sea Raiders Flag.png
Nordic Sea Raiders


Pantheon Flag 2.png The Emperor

Nordic Sea Raiders Flag.png Leif Erikson

145,695 38,000

Lead up to the war

June 23rd, Saturday. Lord Buffington from Nordic Sea Raiders attacked one of the government officials of Pantheon, Jan Orwell (Internal Affairs). Pantheon counters quickly and Jan was able to defeat Buffington. There were accounts stating that the Nordic Sea Raiders received payments to attack Jan Orwell over disputes with another alliance that recently formed, Empyrea.

June 26th, Tuesday. The leader of NSR Leif Erikson launched a delayed counter attack on counter attack on Pantheon's counter. With their leader now personally supporting Lord Buffington’s attack, Pantheon prepared the alliance for war.

The war

June 28th, Thursday, 11:00 am. Pantheon starts war against NSR with a successful blitz, filling all of NSR’s defensive slots within minutes. The Emperor then went to the Nordic Sea Raider's government and asked them if they are interested in peace and would use diplomacy to settle disputes in the future. NSR declined and spat insults at them.

The war then continues for another 2 weeks, and the members of Nordic Sea Raiders all either bail or went inactive, concluding the war with a decisive Victory for Pantheon.

The Significance

This was the first war under the returned founder and creator of Pantheon, The Emperor. Pantheon having the capacity to not only defend their own, but also to slot fill an alliance of over 30 members on short notice was a large milestone on The Emperor's journey to getting the alliance war ready.

Internally inside Pantheon the war was known as "Milcom Test 1"