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The Order of Humanity

Demonyms Edit

Noun: Techcraftian(s)

Adjective: Techcraftian

Internal Structure of the Order of Humanity Edit

The Order of Humanity is headed by the Grandmaster, and everything else is structured around His will and commands. The Grandmaster heads the military and the state, and anything He wills becomes law. Any orders to the military are to be obeyed without question. The Grandmaster appoints a High Council. The High Council manages all of the internal affairs of the Order in the Grandmaster's name and carries out commands in the Grandmaster's will. The Order of Humanity is split into the Outposts, which revolve around the capital of Techcraftia. Each Outpost is ruled by a Governor, who is appointed by the High Council and approved by the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster can also appoint a Governor directly. Governors have no term limit and can be dismissed by the High Council or the Grandmaster at any time and for any reason. Similarly, Council members have no term limits and can be dismissed by the Grandmaster at any time. All of the Governors meet in monthly sessions to discuss internal affairs, and special sessions can be called by the High Council or the Grandmaster at any time. All public officials and military leaders are considered extensions of the Grandmaster Himself and shall be obeyed as if the Grandmaster was issuing the commands.

Society of the Order of Humanity Edit

The society of the Order of Humanity is based around servitude to the state and to the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster isn't just a mere ruler but represents the absolute pinnacle of humanity, and by extension, evolution as a whole. Officials are well respected since they are extensions of the Grandmaster. Appointed positions are highly honored since they imply worthiness to the Grandmaster's idea for the nation and world. There is no official state supported religion, and the practice of any faith which is not approved by the state is strictly forbidden. Everyone is equal under the state's law, except for those who actively defy the state and the Grandmaster.

Economy of the Order of Humanity Edit

The economy of the Order of Humanity is largely state-managed. Private industry does not exist and all companies are owned directly by the state. Jobs are prechosen by the state based on the individual's education, background, personal interests, and hobbies. Taxes do not exist in the Order since servitude to the state is sufficient enough to support the Order. Citizens are micromanaged by the state to maximize efficiency. During wartime, this micromanagement is used to create a logistical advantage over the enemy. During peacetime, soldiers are used as supplemental labor. The electricity that powers the Order is generated by the state of the art nuclear power plants.

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