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The Order

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Flag of The Order

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Basic Details
Founded 01/21/2021
Headquarters North America
Color Maroon
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Conqueror TigerFireBig Mac Boyce the GreatVader
Grand Inquisitor of IA Ryks
Grand Inquisitor of EA Thomas
Grand Inquisitor of MA
As of 4/26/2021
Total Nations 75
Score 242,268.74
Average Score 3,230.25
Alliance Rank 10
Active Blocs
Member Quack
Active Treaties
MDoAP The Knights Radiant
MDoAP Chocolate Castle

The Order (TO) is a maroon alliance founded on 20 January 2021 following the merge of Terminus Est (3rd) and The Imperium.



Plans for a merger between the third Terminus Est and The Imperium began shortly after the Duck Hunt conflict, as both alliances was militaristically and economically defeated. The leaders of both alliances believed they had good complimentary strengths, namely, The Imperium thrived at recruiting and economic growth, while Terminus Est had military strength and long-time government.

The merger was announced to members almost a month before it was supposed to happen, this was to allow members to get integrated with each other, and so the leadership could have time to make any plans necessary. Unfortunately, The Imperium's IA head (MH_Speedy) felt betrayed that he had not been consulted, and broke off to create his own alliance.


Because of MH's alleged poaching, the merge date was accelerated, the alliance was created on January 31st, 2021 with a starting score of 177k. Not long after Lord Vader - former Emperor of The Imperium and now economics head of The Order - continued an economic plan from The Imperium, to bring everyone to city 10, which brought The Order's combined score up to 187k at rank 13. The Order signed an MnDP with The Knights Radiant and an MDoAP with Chocolate Castle.

The Alleged Poach War

Because of The Order’s belief that MH_Speedy was continuously poaching their members, The Order declared three wars on MH_Speedy. Black Skies - their protector - then countered by declaring five wars of their own. Before long all of MH's bloc including The Coal Mines, Schrute Farms, and Black Skies had declared almost twenty wars on The Order. Daychange that night The Order blitzed the Liberty Bloc, beginning the Alleged Poach War.

After only a few turns, despite being relatively outnumbered when the conflict began, The Order had destroyed almost four times as many planes as the Libery Bloc, with Schrute Farms being just short of 0 planes.

Discussions began very quickly, as Liberty Bloc panicked at The Order's quick and overwhelming response to their counters. Liberty surrendered, Black Skies left the bloc, and The Infinite Empire (MH_Speedy's alliance) disbanded, marking the first victory for The Order.

TKR Upgrade, Continued Growth

Since the Alleged Poach War, The Order has upgraded their MnDP with The Knights Radiant to an MDoAP, and signed three protectorates, being Rockefeller Group, The Rising Suns, and Elite Marksmen Team. After continued economic prosperity, as well as increased military levels for wartime readiness, The Order broke into the top 10 leaderboard and passed an average nation score of 3,000 early in April.


The Order's Treaties
Type Signatories Link Status
MnDP The Knights Radiant, The Order https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/30713-the-thrill/ Upgraded
MDoAP Chocolate Castle, The Order https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/29605-treaty-the-emperor-and-his-chocolate/ Active
MDoAP The Knights Radiant, The Order https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/30713-the-thrill/ Active


The First Government
Position Holder
Conqueror of Economics and FA Lord Vader
Conqueror of Milcom Boyce the Great
Conqueror of Internal Affairs Big Mac
The Second Government
Position Holder
Conqueror of Economics TigerFire
Conqueror of Milcom Boyce the Great
Conqueror of Internal Affars Big Mac