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The One Turn War
Part of the alliance wars
Date December 16, 2019 - December 16, 2019
Casus belli TLE Raid on GOONS
Result Decisive GOONS Victory
Preceded by
Collapse in the Mines
NPO's Last Time
Succeeded by
Great Leak War
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Heavens Gate Flag.png
Heaven's Gate
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Bird Weed
The Lost Empire Flag.jpg
The Lost Empire

GOONS Flag 2.png Always Fear Jazz

The Lost Empire Flag.jpg Atlan

206,884.65 54,273.28

The One Turn War (formally GOONS-TLE War) was a short-lived conflict between the alliances The Lost Empire and GOONS. The war is notable for lasting a mere three hours as a result of swift GOONS retaliatory action after a breakdown of communications between the alliances.


Then-member of the Lost Empire, Militia, declared a raid war on GOONS member Communist State of Texas. Immediate communications were sent to members of each alliances' government in an attempt to defuse the situation. TLE Leader Atlan instructed Militia to offer peace, and the member state did as such.

In the wake of the violent action instigated by TLE, the GOONS government demanded $50 000 in reparations, which TLE rejected out of hand. Until the negotiations were concluded, a total shutdown of GOONS offensive wars was declared to ease the tension. However, a communication error occurred from the government to the members, and the defending party, Communist State of Texas, performed retaliatory strikes against Militia, causing peace offers to break down. Incensed, Atlan told Militia to continue attacks and refuse further peace offers. In response, GOONS government increased the amount of reparations to $20 000 000 due to the resumption of hostilities.

Both parties left with their offers rendered void. A quiet day passed in which threats were exchanged, with TLE threatening to involve their allies and GOONS threatening to summon theirs. A day after the inciting incident, GOONS fell upon Militia in a coordinated military attack. Within a matter of hours, a member of GOONS Protectorate, Bird Weed, took the initiative to attack a TLE member state, causing a further escalation of hostilities. Two counters from TLE were made in response. This upsurge of wartime activity opened the gates for the entire GOON fleet to be mobilised.

Within a matter of minutes, 132 offensive wars were declared by GOONS, and by the end of the war, a total of 146 skirmishes had been started. By the end of a single turn, the sheer volume of attacks caused TLE to consider, and promptly accept peace negotiations.


The inciting party, Militia, was removed from TLE. TLE agreed to a reparations period in which a total of $420 000 000 are to be paid. Over this period, there were to be no hostilities and GOONS offered protectorate status to TLE to ease to transition from damaging wartime to normal peacetime operations.


December 14th 2019
* TLE raids GOONS.
December 16, 2019
* TLE sues for peace after overwhelming GOONS pressure 

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