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The One-Sided War (Canada)
Part of the The Arrgh Investigation of Terradoxia
Casus belli Arrgh declared war on Terradoxia due to an investigation into Terradoxia's cheating and illegal monies. Canada responded by declaring war on the 4 nations with a intent to weaken Arrgh's lower nations.
Status Ongoing
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Terradoxia Arrgh

Eric of Canada

Better Harper of Better Canada, Yui of Ianthe, Bucks of Eltril, Glorton of Wamba.

Eric - 500pts Better Canada - 500, Ianthe - 500, Eltril - 525, Wamba - 550.
Casualties and losses
Canadian Casualties - 45,000 Better Canada Casualties - 15,000 - Ianthe Casualties - 30,000 - Eltril Casualties - 22,500 - Wamba Casualties - 15,000
Ribbons Awarded
Most Casualties Missile Launched

Canada declared war on Better Canada, Ianthe followed by Eltril and Wamba after Arrgh declared war on Terradoxia as a whole.

Canada started strong in the war taking 200 infra from each nation in the first 12 hours.

By the 16 hour mark, Glorton of Wamba had surrendered 3 times already. The Government of Canada accepted the surrender and Glorton of Wamba surrendered.

At 7:24am, Orbis Time, Bucks of Eltril ordered a missile to be launched at Canada. The missile hit Niagara Falls, killing 40,000. Prime Minister Eric of Canada then proposed peace with Bucks of Eltril citing "mutual destruction, me with my large superior army, you with your missiles." The peace deal has yet to be accepted.

By the 18 hour mark, the casualty count exceeded 100,000. 60,000 on the Arrgh side and 40,000 on the Canadian side. The citizens of Canada began calling this war the One-Sided War after Canada fought 4 nations and still managed to survive.

Cause Of War

The cause of this war goes back to late June 2015, when several high ranking members of Terradoxia were discovered cheating and exploiting the game. Arrgh then prepared for war and declared war on July 19, 2015 citing the exploit as their reason. Canada was prepared and struck fast.

Canada VS Wamba

Despite Canada starting at a disadvantage score wise, Wamba was quickly defeated.

5:20 PM July 19 - Canadian battleships storm the major port of Stevenson, forcing the town to surrender. 7,500 civilian casualties were recorded. Wamba was then under blockade.

6:30 PM July 19 - One of the most one-sided battles in Canadian history occurs in Carson. The entire Canadian Armed Forces Infantry Section enters the city, killing 7,000 soldiers with only 500 casualties. 3,000 civilians are killed in the gun fight and the CAF loots 200k.

5:30 AM July 20 - The CAF Aerial Section enters the city of Columbia. This attack caused controversy inside the country of Canada as this attack was purely for destroying infrastructure, and 7,000 civilians are killed.

11:30 AM July 20 - Canada accepts Wamba's surrender after they requested a surrender for the third time.

Canada - Losses: 416 soldiers, 4 tanks

Wamba - Losses: 144.47 infra, 6152 soldiers, $177,790.14 dollars, approx 17,500 civilians.