This alliance or a majority of its members reformed it as the STAG Corporations on October 21, 2016.  More information is available here.

The Old Guard

The Old Guard Flag
Flag of The Old Guard

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Basic Details
Founded 29 Feb 2016
Headquarters Asia
Color Brown
Lord Commander -Jack-
Grand Duke of Foreign Affairs Jack3top
Duke of Internal Affairs Ctigrisht
Duke of Military Affairs Viteral
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

The Old Guard (ToG) was a alliance founded with the goal of a strong, resilient and diversified economy at its core, providing a stable foundation for rapid economic growth and nation development. ToG believed it had great communication systems to allow members and gov to communicate efficiently through utilization of IRC. They believed that it allowed for all voices to be heard and the development of a strong community with many members opting to engage in regular social conversations. The alliance later now re-branded as STAG Corporations, due to scam issues with government members.


Government Edit

The Old Guard is lead by the Lord Commander as the leader, with the Grand Dukes being advisors to and lieutenants of the Lord Commander, and Dukes carry out the

Economy Edit

History Edit

The Old Guard was founded by El, the original Lord Commander of The Old Guard. He has since retired from activity in the world, leaving the position of Lord Commander on -Jack-.

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Current Government Edit

Alliance Wars Fought Edit

War Allies Opponents Result
ToG-LUN War Storm Division* League of united Nations


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