Overview Edit

The Northern European Union is one of many nations that has sprung up in the aftermath of events unknown,it is young and driven and is known for its love of comfort.

Etymology Edit

The union takes its name quite simply from its geographical position as well as the fact that it is merely a Union of semi-free cities that work together towards a common goal.

History Edit

The union was founded in November 1983 out of the ruins of the city of Lubeck.

The proccess of unification started when a mister Friedrich Reichsflavour gathered together the prominent members of the surrounding villages.He reminded them of better days.Days when government ruled in the streets and entire villages weren't frightened by bands of teenage thugs.He inspired in them the hope that building on the education they had received and a common work ethnic they could rebuild a state in an area that had been devoid of leadership for years,

And so the new nation was born.

Geography Edit

The Union at current is a small piece of mostly farming land.It borders only ashes the its south,east and west and the ocean to its north.It's main source of resources include coal and iron.

The population is generally spread out with most people living in small villages in and around the area formerly known as Lubeck.Plans are being made to centralize the city.

Politics Edit

The relatively small nature of TNU allows it to make use of a small efficient government of devoted people merely eight large although expansions are planned as more and more people are brought under the direct control of government.The current positions are :

  • The President
  • Presidential Left Hand(advisor)
  • Presidential Right Hand(advisor)
  • Minister of Education
  • Minister of Finance
  • Minister of Security
  • Public Protector

Voting is done in simple ways with currently only one party being of any significant note.

International Relations Edit

Due to its relative new age the NEU has few if any international relations.However it has been contacted by an unnamed alliance and is currently contemplating its stance on the matter.

On 13 December government announced plans to expand the production of raw resources as well as start the more immediate c process of selling of surplus food in order to pay for further development.

Military. Edit

Currently the military is a 1 500 man large force of predominately infantry.The use advanced weapons and training which is unfortunately classified.

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