Founding Edit

This alliance was founded by Jose Castrejon of the Kingdom of Elementia on December 12th, 2019. Jose led the alliance until the Constitutional Republics' first election; thereafter the alliance elected their leader every three months. High Government positions are also elected.

(Must have 20 day seniority to vote and 3-month seniority to run)


Active Treaty's Edit

Currently Aqua bloc and became a protectorate under Aurora around March 23, 2020 under Fain.

Openly seeking NAP and PIAT treaties!

Current Leadership Edit

Roles Names
Leader Muskie
Foreign Affairs DaBigBawss
Military Affairs Tristen
Internal Affairs Scholar
Economic Affairs Mason Kane
Heirs DaBigBawss, Mason Kane
Legality Officer Vacant
Past Leaders Names Nation Names Start of Reign End of Reign Re-elected?
Jose Castrejon KIngdom of Elementia 12/08/19 1/14/2020 Removed from Power
Fain United States of Awesome 1/14/2020 6/24/2020 Once
Muskie Terraspect Capital State 6/24/2020 N/A
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