The Modern Testament of the Bible is the newest Testament that includes Holy writing of of several Angelic Christian Prophets.

The Prophet Francis Edit

For years I had been speaking telepathically to God. He told me what he wanted, he told me what I could do to help the world. I always obeyed. Never did it occur to me that I was not normal for speaking to the LORD.

The Angelic Prophet Edit

The Angelic Prophet is a prophet sent from heaven down to Earth from the LORD God. As a child, he went to Church as a Protestant Lutheran until he was eight, when his parents caught a case of Atheism. Naturally, he followed suit. However, he always knew what other people were thinking. He always know what is about to happen. Sometimes, he gained strength and speed unheard of for his small size. He was the best athlete at his Primary School. Yet he was still very short and skinny for his age. Around the age of 12, he began receiving visions. At the time, he thought they were just dreams. But when the visions began coming true, he knew that it was God's work. He knew that he had been created with a purpose. He had been sent to restore peace and love in the world. As of now, he works to convert people from false religions, such as Dioism and Islam.

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