This alliance merged with Husaria to form The Jedi Order on June 4th, 2018.  (Note: Equality merger with both governments merging and taking power)

The Misfits

Australia Flag
Flag of The Misfits

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Basic Details
Founded 09/03/2018
Headquarters South America
Color Aqua
Status Defunct

Arch Duke
  • Vacant


As of 22/05/2018
Total Nations 6
Score 1,690.81
Average Score 281.80
Alliance Rank 117
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Husaria MDP
The Hessians MDP
Orbis Defense Initiative MDP
League of Democratic Nations ODP
Verein der Deutschen Staaten NAP
United Countries of Stupidity NAP
Imperial Metric Union PIAT

The Misfits(MF) were formed on 09/03/2018. They formed with the simple goal of rising up the ranks and creating a tight core of players. It was founded by Jack Heanly who promptly handed over leadership to Snjar Dreki who has lead till this day. The original alliance was formed by a group of friends but has since expanded to where it is today. The Misfits openly accepts new members and everyone is treated equally within the alliance.

Government Edit

Emperor: Snjar Dreki

Arch Duke: Vacant

Count Of Finance: Vacant

Count Of Foreign Affairs: Vacant

Count Of Internal Affairs: mad dog

Count Of Defence: Vacant

History Edit

The Misfits was an alliance made of scraps when it was first founded, It all began with a group of new Australian players who had no experience and had little clue into what they were doing. Over time they began to see that other alliances while offering protection also removed the fun from letting new players learn the game themselves. From this The Misfits were born, they had simple goals of helping new players learn the game and to help themselves learn as they were still new themselves. Their score shot up and they were sitting nicely among the smaller alliances however some bad tactical choices and raiding decisions have left The Misfits currently crippled. This was due to the war with the C.A.N.D.L.E.S. alliance bloc. (Candles have since renamed themselves to Clovis.) The Misfits have learnt from their mistakes and are looking forward to the future hoping to put the past behind them

State Of Decline Edit

Following the war with the Clovis alliance bloc The Misfits begun to fall apart. The alliance suffered from a mass leaving of members to other alliances as nations looked to find support and protection following the war. While the alliance lives on with its leader Snjar Dreki and his last remaining council member Mad Dog, It has fallen greatly from where it once was. The alliance lives on with the members they have left, hoping one way to regain the score and the members they had once lost

Conflicts Edit

Conflict Allies Versus Duration Result Refs
Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Act Shield War Flag None Co-TIN, S.H.I.E.L.D, Imperial Metric Union, Verein der Deutschen Staaten 2015-01-3019 Apr 2018
26 Apr 2018
White Peace None
The C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Relight Co-Tin Flag The Global Union Co-TIN, Orbital Knights, Imperial Metric Union, Verein der Deutschen Staaten, United Countries of Stupidity Typhon 2015-01-301 May 2018
3 May 2018
White Peace DOW by CANDLES DOW by TGU

Treaties Edit

Alliance Alliance Flag Treaty Type Duration Remaining Refs
Husaria Husaria Flag MDP 2.7 Weeks None
Orbis Defense Initiative Earth Flag MDP 1.8 Months None
The Hessians American Samoa Flag MDP 1.7 Weeks None
League Of Democratic Nations Micronesia Flag ODP 1.7 Weeks None
Imperial Metric Union Trinidad and Tobago Flag NAP 2.6 Months None
United Countries of Stupidity United Countries of Stupidity Flag NAP 1.5 Weeks None
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