The Legion

Flag of The Legion

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Basic Details
Founded 31 May 2020
Color Purple
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Imperator Lord Windmark
Proconsul Totem
Consul of Economic Affairs happy5214
Consul of Foreign Affairs David Ben-Gurion
Consul of Internal Affairs Deathbiter
Consul of Military Affairs Penultidodo
Total Nations 25
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP House Stark

Founded in 2006, The Legion is a premier gaming community with a rich and detailed history.  Originally created on CyberNations, The Legion established a P&W community in 2020.  We join Orbis in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood and look forward to welcoming new members into our alliance. 

The Founding

On 31 May 2020, The Legion was formally created in Politics & War by members who came over from the CyberNations alliance.[1] The initiative was formally blessed by CyberNations' Imperator, Deathbiter, who approved Lord Windmark as the new leader for the Politics & War division. Over the months prior to the official founding, Lord Windmark and various senior members of The Legion advocated for the migration of CN Legion members to the new division.

Prior to the founding, these members were graciously hosted by House Stark, which led to close relationships between the two alliances. The Legion was originally founded as a protectorate of House Stark. On 21 December 2020, The Legion formally became sovereign and signed a MDoAP with House Stark.[2]

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