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The Last Ride
Part of the Great Wars
Date May 2nd 2021 - May 20th, 2021

(Duration: 18 days)

Casus belli Leaked logs revealing Swamp's plan to hit The Order and Carthago
Result Quack Victory
  • 1 Month NAP
  • Former Swamp alliances get off of green color bloc
Preceded by
World War Micro
Succeeded by
Guns & Roses
Quack sphere

The Syndicate Flag.png
The Syndicate
The Knights Radiant Flag.png
The Knights Radiant
The Order flag.png
The Order
CTO Commie Flag.png
BK new war flag.jpg
Black Knights

Name Withheld

CAP flag unofficial.png

ChurchOfAtom flag.png
Church of Atom
VIC flag.png
Prima Victoria
Alpha Flag.jpg
Polaris Flag.png

Burger King Flag.png
Burger King Odyssey flag.gif
Oceania Flag.png
Rockefeller Group Flag.png
Rockefeller Group

Swamp Flag.png
The Swamp

Fark Flag.jpg
The Ampersand Flag.jpg
The Ampersand
The Commonwealth Flag.jpg
The Commonwealth
The Federation
The Lost Empire Flag.jpg
The Lost Empire

USN flag.png
United Socialist Nations

Black Skies.jpg
Black Skies
United Ummah Flag.gif
United Ummah
The Socialist Union of Nova Roma Flag.jpg
Socialist Union of Nova Roma  Surrendered
Goon Squad Flag.jpg
Goon Squad


The Void Touched.png
The Void Touched
GATO Flag.png
Global Alliance Treaty Organization

UL.png Unforgiven Legion

HLV FLag.png Hidden Leaf Village
TPL Flag.png The Phoenix Legion
The Dominion Flag.png The Dominion
Kebab Store Flag.png Kebab Store
Uchiha Clan.png Uchiha Clan

TCM F8.jpg
The Coal Mines


The Syndicate Flag.png Shiho Nishizumi
The Syndicate Flag.png Sadie Adler
The Syndicate Flag.png Justin076
The Syndicate Flag.png Lucas
The Knights Radiant Flag.png Benfro
The Knights Radiant Flag.png Wizel16
The Knights Radiant Flag.png Allend Goodblood
The Order flag.png Boyce the Great
The Order flag.png David Cameron
The Order flag.png Lord Vader
The Order flag.png TigerFire
CTO Commie Flag.png Daveth
CTO Commie Flag.png Ramona
CTO Commie Flag.png Krampus
BK new war flag.jpg Yosodog
BK new war flag.jpg LordStrum
BK new war flag.jpg Clown
Namewithheldflag.png Bradley
ChurchOfAtom flag.png James II
ChurchOfAtom flag.png Keza Purple
ChurchOfAtom flag.png Randy
VIC flag.png MinesomeMC
Burger King Flag.png Ducc Zucc
Odyssey flag.gif SAXON
Alpha Flag.jpg Placentica
Oceania Flag.png Tugger
Rockefeller Group Flag.png Lysander the Great
Polaris Flag.png AlmightyGrub

Fark Flag.jpg Bozzie
Fark Flag.jpg Kitschie
Fark Flag.jpg This Fckn Guy
The Ampersand Flag.jpg DemonSpawn
The Ampersand Flag.jpg HannaH
The Ampersand Flag.jpg Kiloist II
The Commonwealth Flag.jpg RightHonorable
Federation.png Kosta
The Lost Empire Flag.jpg Onuris
USN flag.png DarVolt
USN flag.png Matrix
Black Skies.jpg John Zoidberg
GATO Flag.png Wootmeister
United Ummah Flag.gif HaxBaba
The Socialist Union of Nova Roma Flag.jpg Simmons
The Socialist Union of Nova Roma Flag.jpg Xavior Travers  Surrendered
UL.png Drekkza
The Void Touched.pngGeorge Patton
HLV FLag.png Anime Guy
TPL Flag.png aron
The Dominion Flag.png Agathor
Kebab Store Flag.png Osman
Uchiha Clan.png Ravindhu

TCM F8.jpg Jack Rackham

Casualties and losses
$ 136.52 b $ 306.69 b $ 7.69 b
† - deleted

The Last Ride is a Great war that broke out on May 2nd, 2021 when Quack blitzed Swamp over some leaks leaked by Shifty and Panky, revealing Swamp planned to hit Quack and Oasis. This war is the last time Quack and Swamp fight before they officially dissolve.

Alternate Names

The Last Ride is also known by the following names:

  • Global War 17
  • Great War 17
  • One Last Time
  • SwampFall
  • AtlanFall
  • The Global Sphinx didn't cause
  • Ramadan Rumble
  • Swamp gets sPank'd


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