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On March 17 2015, 0zon3 shocked Orbis by invading The Reich of New Germany. The only excuse for the invasion was the word 'invasion' given at the time of declaration.


When the war was declared, The Korean Federation was being heavily supplied by Rose. Korea succeeded in gaining ground in two land attacks. After peace offers by Prince Oskar were failed after Korea simply insulted him, Prince Oskar ordered a naval attack on Korea's eastern border. The attack was an immense triumph. The Reich had Korea blockaded. New Germany had cut off all trade and aid for the Koreans. The Prince announced the victory to the citizens and they rejoiced. They knew without the aid of Rose, Korea was doomed. The same day as war was declared, Rose had sent $2,000,000 in aid to Korea. Spies suggested that Korea had not ever made any of it's own money. The Prince knew he had dealt a huge blow to Korea's economy. He thought he had done enough so he offered peace. However, Korea rejected and kept on fighting. After Korea rejected peace, Prince Oskar led another air strike on Korea this time straight for Pyongyang. He successfully destroyed 40 infrastructure in the attack. This ultimately led to the surrender of the United Korean Federation.


After Prince Oskar decided to target Korea's infrastructure, he ordered an airstrike. That single airstrike destroyed 40 levels of infrastructure in Pyongyang. After this attack, Prince Oskar decided that Korea had learned their lesson and accepted their surrender.