TKBO flag

The Knights of The Blood Oath(TKBO) were a maroon alliance founded on April 6, 2020. They reached a score of 45k and a member count of 37 in September 2020. On September 11 they merge with The Stratosphere to form The Knights of the Stratosphere.


The BOQOR: Isole Kendra 
Blodfortroende: Konungariket Sverige 
Blodtjansteman: Bronson Jaxson , Artemis Argentio , Johnathan Angel, Nelo, Arln Nen 


Type Alliance Text
MDoAP The United Armies N/A
MDP Assyrian Empire N/A
NAP The Rohirrim N/A
ODoAP Amarr Empire N/A
ODP Soldiers of Liberty N/A
Protectorate United Socialist Nations N/A
Protectorate The Merchants Guild N/A
Protectorate United Ummah N/A
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