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Basic Details
Founded 29 June 2015
Color Orange
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
King of the Heralds Benfro
Prince of the Heralds GoldyHammer
Herald of War Miller
Herald of Growth Schirminator
Herald of Internal Affairs Wizel16
Herald of Foreign Affairs Cooper
Herald of Fabrials Talus
As of September 11, 2020
Total Nations 173
Score 471,762.01
Average Score 2,726.95
Alliance Rank 3
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MnDoAP Seven Kingdoms
MnDP The Syndicate
Protectorate Chocolate Castle
Protectorate The Imperium
Protectorate Oceania

The Knights Radiant (TKR) is an orange alliance founded on 29 June 2015 following the disbandment of the World Wrestling Federation. They are based on Brandon Sanderson's fantasy book series, The Stormlight Archive.



  • 29 June - TKR is founded, led by Infinite Citadel, with The Syndicate (t$) as their protector
  • 1 July - TKR announces its existence
  • 24 August - TKR enters Proxy War
  • 20 September - TKR and t$ upgrade their protectorate agreement to an MDoAP
  • 21 September - TKR forms the Obsidian Order, alongside the Black Knights (BK) and InGen
  • 17 October - TKR enters Oktoberfest
  • 7 December - The Vargen Institute (VI) merges into TKR





  • 2 February - TKR and Grumpy Old Bastards (Grumpy) sign an MDP
  • 1 April - TKR signs MDP treaties with Church of Spaceology (CoS), Seven Kingdoms (SK), and Soup Kitchen (Soup), forming the new bloc Chaos
  • 25 May - KETOGG (KT, TGH, Empyrea, Grumpy, and Guardian) declare war on Chaos and Surf's Up begins
  • 17 June - TKR and Chaos white peace their war with KETOGG and all of them, alongside Rose, declare war on Black Knights, The Covenant, and allies. In the following days, many allies and protectorates of BK and Covenant join against KERCHTOG.
  • 23 June - New Pacific Order declares war on TKR


  • 10 January - TKR and The Syndicate sign an MnDP
  • 20 January - TKR and The Immortals sign an MnDP
  • 20 February - NPO's Last Time is declared to be over.
  • 6 March - With the cancellation of the MDP treaty with The Enlightenment, Chaos bloc is dissolved.
  • 7 June - TKR and Seven Kingdoms renew their treaty post-Chaos/upgrade to an MnDoAP.
  • 8 June - Adrienne steps down; Benfro becomes King



Main article: Charter of The Knights Radiant


War Dates Combatants Outcome
Proxy War 21 Aug - 1 Sept 2015 Mensa, t$, Guardian, BK, TEst, TKR, and tC vs. Rose, VE, Vanguard, NAC, and CS Victory
Oktoberfest 15 Oct - 7 Nov 2015 t$, SK, TEst, Mensa, Utopia, The Kings Parliament, BK, TKR, InGen, Arrgh, Noir, tC, Guardian, Alpha, VI vs. UPN, BoC, DEIC, EoS, VE Victory
168 Day War 17 Jan - 14 Feb 2016 Mensa, TKR, t$, The Chola, Guardian, tC, The Kings Parliament, RW, SK, BK vs. Vanguard, Rose, The Light Federation, Fark, VE, CF, Alpha, Socialist Workers Front, NAC, Shuriken, UPN, CS, Phoenix White Peace
NPO's First Time ♥ 13 June - 27 June 2016 Guardian, t$, BK, Mensa, TKR, tC, CS, The Chola, BoC, CF, Arrgh, RW, Storm Division vs. NPO, UPN, Rose, VE, Sparta, Polaris, NAC, DEIC, Phoenix, Alpha, Fark, The Light Federation Victory
SOPA 7 Aug - 11 Aug 2016 BoC, TKR, Resplendent vs. RW, Arrgh White Peace
Silent War 10 Sept - 13 Oct 2016 Rose, VE, UPN, Polaris, DEIC, NAC, NPO, HBE, SK, Valyria, Oblivion, International Northwestern Union, The 13th Legion, Fark, Alpha, Order of Storms, Arrgh, TEst, RW, NK vs. TKR, BK, BoC, Guardian, Mensa, t$, ESD, CS, Pantheon, Valkyrie, OWR, tC, Resplendent, The Chola, RoK, The Light Federation Victory
Papers, Please 26 Dec 2016 - 20 Jan 2017 TKR, BK, BoC, Mensa, Dongminion, t$, tC, Grumpy, Rose, tTO, TCW, CS, Alpha, HBE, Pantheon, Guardian vs. TEst, Arrgh, RW White Peace
Trail of Tiers 13 April - 1 June 2017 BK, CS, NPO, Zodiac, Acadia, UPN, SK, Polaris, Lordaeron, Cerberus, VE, tTO, CKD, HBE vs. Rose, Mensa, t$, TKR, TCW, Pantheon, The Bloc Death, tC, Guardian, TFP, Hogwarts, CF, The Fed, WTF, HBE Victory
Britannian Radiant Crusade 5 June - 12 June 2017 TKR, HBE vs. Arrgh White Peace
War on Piracy 19 Feb - Dec 2018 Polaris, TKR, Cerberus, TUE vs. Arrgh De-facto ended
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks 23 March - 11 April 2018 Grumpy, TCW, Guardian, TKR, AdMech, Silenzio, BotH vs. SA, WTF, Alpha, NK, Fark, NCR White Peace
Dance Dance Revolution 7 June - 14 Aug 2018 TKR, TCW, TRF vs. TGH, KT Victory
Knightfall 20 Oct 2018 - 2 Feb 2019 NPO, BK, GotG, Acadia, UPN, t$, Rose, Pantheon, HS, GodFury, CoA, CoS, TEst, SK, CKD, Horsemen, InfoWars, Empyrea, United Hoods, Camelot, Fark, WTF, DB, AK, ODN, Oblivion, Typhon, Arrgh vs. TKR, TCW, Guardian, Grumpy, Tesla, TFP, Nova Riata Defeat
Surf's Up 25 May 2019 - 17 June 2019 KT, Grumpy, Empyrea, Guardian, TGH, Oblivion vs. TKR, CoS, SK, Soup, Nova Riata, Valinor, The Federation, Silenzio White Peace
NPO's Last Time 17 June 2019 - 20 February 2020 KT, Grumpy, Guardian, TGH, Oblivion, Empyrea, TKR, CoS, SK, Soup, Rose, t$, TEst, House Stark, CoA, Carthago, OWR, Valinor, Ming Empire and others vs. NPO, BK, GotG, GOONS, TCW, Acadia, UPN, AK, SoK, GPWC, Camelot, Polaris, ODN and others White Peace


Current Treaties
Signed Type With Name
1 April 2019 MnDoAP Seven Kingdoms An Oath Stronger than Valyrian Steel
10 Jan 2020 MnDP The Syndicate Mirror Accords
Defunct Treaties
Signed Type With Name
20 Sept 2015 MDoAP The Syndicate The Purchased Oathpact
21 Sept 2015 MDoAP Black Knights The Obsidian Accords
21 Sept 2015 MDoAP InGen The Obsidian Accords
6 Jan 2016 MDoAP Guardian Guardian of the Storm
18 Feb 2016 MDoAP New Pacific Order The Order of the Knights Accords
8 March 2016 MDoAP Brotherhood of the Clouds Sword in the Clouds Accord
13 March 2016 MDoAP Brotherhood of the Clouds Obsidian Order
2 April 2016 MnDoAP Cornerstone The Radiant Stone Accords
28 July 2016 MDoAP Pantheon Deus meets Zeus
6 March 2017 ODP Nuclear Knights Knighted Terms of Endearment
16 March 2017 MnDoAP Holy Britannian Empire Ours Is The Drill That Will Pierce The Heavens
11 June 2017 MnDoAP R&R Orange is the New Black Accords
22 June 2017 MnDoAP Nuclear Knights Nuclear Radiantation
31 August 2017 MDoAP Rise of the Undead Mob The Wall Comes Down
3 Sept 2017 MDP Dark Brotherhood Stendarr & Sithis Contract
6 Oct 2018 MnDoAP Tesla One Puff
29 Jan 2017 MnDoAP The Commonwealth Orange Enforcement Agency
2 Feb 2019 MDP Grumpy Old Bastards It's NAP Time
1 April 2019 MDP Church of Spaceology A Valid CB
1 April 2019 MDP Soup Kitchen A Valid CB
20 Jan 2020 MnDP The Immortals Friendly Unity Cooperation of Knightly Immortals Treaty

Community Awards

These are the awards which The Knights Radiant won in the Politics and War Awards:

  • Alliance of the Year (2016)
  • Most Powerful Alliance Runner-Up (2016)
  • Best Military (2016)
  • Best War Flag Runner-Up (2016)
  • Most Active Alliance (2016)
  • Most Honorable Alliance (2016)
  • Most Improved Alliance (2016)
  • Best Diplomatic Team Runner-Up (2016)
  • Best Recruiting Staff Runner-Up (2016)
  • Best Forums Runner-Up (2016)
  • Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2017 (2016)
  • Most Inactive Large Alliance (2018)
  • Worst Military of the Year (2018)
  • Alliance of the Year (2019)
  • Most Honorable Alliance (2019)
  • Best Alliance For New Players (2019)
  • Alliance With Best Foreign Affairs Department (2019)

Alliance Advertisements

In-game advertisements used by the alliance for recruitment, propaganda or other purposes:

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