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The Kingdom of Dywren(DI Ren) is Kingdom in northern Europe. It has 4 provinces and 1 territory. The northern part of the country has a cold to extremely cold climate, while the southern part of the nation has a relatively warm climate. Its capital and largest city is Kryne.


   Dywren was established July 8, 2015. King James Eleefent, king of Kryne, united all the kingdoms into one kingdom that covered the whole island of Dywren plus the island of Hane(Know known as King James Island).


He gave each of the kingdoms semi autonomy as provinces. He set up a Royal legislature which included a Senate and House of Commons.  The citizens of each state elect a certain amount of House of Commons members depending on the population of that particular province. The citizens elect 4 senators per province. The leader of the party with the plurality of seats in the House becomes the prime minister. They Legislature makes all the laws and the Prime Minister acts as executive when the monarch is not present. The monarch has the ability to veto any law that they believe will not be good for the nation; the veto may not be overriden. However they may only get 12 per year. The monarch may issue royal orders. These will go into effect immediately, but they must be approved under judicial review  within 2 months or it becomes null and void. The Royal Court is the highest court in the country. The justices serve for life. It consists of 12 members(5 appointed by a monarch, 2 appointed by a prime minister, and 1 appointed by a governor from each state). The Royal court has the power to do Judicial reviews


The Kingdom of Dywren has a population of 2,254,687 (as of February 25, 2017) The country is diverse in religious, racial, and linguistic perspectives.

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