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The Khevinist Rebellion
Khevin Flag.png
Date August 9 1985-November 14 1987
Casus belli The Khevinists of Belarus did not want to be ruled by the Soviets.
Result Khevin won.
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Soviet Union
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Vladimir Zhogin

Mikhail Gorbachev

6000 700000
Casualties and losses
1732 37494

The Khevinists

The war was started by a cult called the Khevinists. They were led by the young men of Vladimir Zhogin and Vorge. They believed the Soviets were just as corrupt as the Capitalists. Their beliefs were later known as Zhoginism and were written in She Zhoginist Manifetso.

The Soviets

The Soviets were viewed as corrupted and inactive by the Khevinists. They thought they were authoritarian and as bad as the Capitalists.

The Beginning of the War

The first battle took place in the capital of the district, Minsk. The Khevinists rallied the support of ten thousand fighters and fought the Red Army on the capital building grounds. Vladimir Zhogin at the time was 15 when he led the attacks. The first clash was a success for the Khevinists. The Khevinists burnt the city down and built a small village.

The Intense Battles and Campaigns

They later attacked the cities of Fanipol, Slutsk, and Barysaw. The Khevinists liberated northwestern Belarus near Vilnius the capital of the Soviet state of Lithuania. They stole the main arms factories in Minsk, reducing the weapons of the Soviet Union. This lead Mikhail Gorbachev to pass reforms to push the stalled Soviet economy without its arms industry, leading to its downfall.

End of the War

Zhogin at the age of 17 by the end of the war was more than a teenager. He lost his parents, his brother, and his best friend to the war. His parents were killed by a bombshell in Minsk, his brother committed suicide because he couldn't live without his parents, and his friend was second in command of the Khevin military forces. His name was Vorge and he was shot by a soviet sniper in the final battle of the war in the city built over Minsk. The battle was called The battle of Tokiaqitm. There was no strategies, it was brute force; take cover and shoot them down. The Khevinists won which marked the beginning of a new era.