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The Johnsons
formerly known as Delta

Soldiers of Liberty
Soldiers of Liberty.jpg
Federated States of Orbis
FSO flag.jpg

Former Signatories
The Stratosphere Marine Corps
SMC Flag.jpg
Brotherhood Family
Brotherhood Family Flag.jpg
The United Armies
The United Armies Flag.png

Treaty Type: MDoAP Bloc
Treaty Signed: April 24, 2021
Treaty Status: Active

The Johnsons are a MDoAP bloc which was founded by Stratosphere Marine Corps (SMC), Soldiers of Liberty (SoL), The United Armies (UA or TUA) and Brotherhood Family (BF) on April 24, 2021. They were previously known as Taskforce Delta but changed their name to The Johnsons as part of peace terms following their war with The Hedge Money bloc. Brotherhood Family and Stratosphere Marine Corps would later merge into each to form Waffle House and would leave Delta in favor of Aurora. Two of Delta's smaller allies, The Greater Unitary Republic and Organization of Free Nations, would merge to form Federated States of Orbis and would become an official member of the bloc. In September 2021, The United Armies would withdraw from the bloc and become a protectorate of Aurora.


Former Members





War Name Opponent Result
Oblivious Terminal Jest, Hedge (bloc), Burger King, Odyssey Delta Defeat