The Jaegers
General Esdeath and the Jaegers
Founded August 3, 2016
Current form Active
Headquarters Vampiria, Rokkenjima
Commander-in-Chief Eva-Beatrice
Commander General Esdeath
Active personnel 7 members

The Jaegers (イェーガーズ Yēgāzu) is a special police squad created by the Witch Council. They are led by General Esdeath of the Rokkenjima Armed Forces.


The function of the group is to combat enemies abroad, as well as any criminal activity that may appear within Rokkenjima. Unlike Night Raid, they don't focus on secrecy, which allows them to combat more enemies at a time - out in the open if necessary.


The first job of the Jaegers occurred during the weeks following Rokkenjima's addition of Estonia to its territory. At the time, Rokkenjima only had control over the northern half of the country. The then ungoverned southern half fell into a chaotic state. Crime had reached its all-time high. Together with Night Raid, the Jaegers were sent into the south to quell the ongoing criminal activity, as well as eliminate anyone who would threaten the peace of the former country. After a few weeks, all criminals had been subdued, making southern Estonia safe for Rokkenjima's citizens to move into.


The Jaegers consists of seven main members, all of whom wield powerful weapons known as Imperial Arms. They are: General Esdeath, Bols, Dr. Stylish, Kurome, Run, Seryu, and Wave. Each member was recruited personally by General Esdeath for being among the most exceptional human members of the Rokkenjima Armed Forces.

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