The Institution

The Institution Flag
Flag of The Institution

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Basic Details
Founded 17 Oct 2018
Color Maroon
Status Defunct
Discord Server Join Here
Director Joseph V Stalin, Simmons
As of 14 December 2018
Total Nations 19
Score 8,879.33
Average Score 467.33
Alliance Rank 80
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Camelot


This alliance was annexed into The Chaos Insurgency.

In Game Description Edit

The Institution is an alliance dedicated to the growth of all nations in a great community. We use grants, loans, a good tax system, and mentors to aid the growth of all nations. We want to help all nations in this alliance grow to be successful by teaching them the game, providing economic help, and by providing protection. Our tax system is well thought out and it provides low taxes and in some circumstances even no taxes.

The Alliance Edit

The Institution is a young, small alliance directed by Simmons and Joseph V. Stalin. It is a protectorate of Camelot .

Government Edit

  • Director: Joseph V Stalin & Simmons
  • Head of Foreign Affairs: Vacant
  • Vice of Foreign Affairs: Vacant
  • Head of Internal Affairs: Vacant
  • Vice of Internal Affairs: Vacant
  • Head of Economics: Vacant
  • Vice of Economics: Vacant
  • Head of Mil-con: Vacant
  • Vice of Mil-con: Vacant
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