The Imperium of The Roman Republic

Italy.png Flag of The Imperium of The Roman Republic

Julius Caesar II.png
Emperor Julius Caesar II
of Holy Britannian Empire (alliance)
Basic Information
Founded 3-18-2016
Color Red
National Statistics
Government Type Republic.png Republic
Social Policies Authoritarian.png Authoritarian
Economic Policies Right.png Right
Economy Far Right.png Far Right
Currency Euro
Military Strength
Military name The Roman Legion
Infantry 1,050
Tanks 0
Aircraft 0
Ships 0
Spies 1
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
Stadium: The Roman Colosseum
Team: Roman Eagles
National Capital Rome
Other Cities Mediolanum,Byzantium.

Description of The Roman Republic

The Imperium of The Roman Republic is a nation led by Emperor Julius Caesar II on the continent of Europe. The Imperium of The Roman Republic's government is a Constitutional Republic with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, The Imperium of The Roman Republic favors far right wing policies. The official currency of The Imperium of The Roman Republic is the Euro.

National Government 

The government of The Imperium of The Roman Republic is an autocratic constitutional republic ruled by an Emperor.

Roman Symbol

The Military

The Roman armed forces has four main divisions:

  •  The Legion (Army)
  • Classis Imperialis (Navy)
  • Legio Calis Custodae (Air Force)
  • Legio Aetheria (Space Task Force)

Military expenditure consumes 3.4% of Rome's GDP, the second highest portion in the world. This is greater than 175 billion Dn ($9 trillion) as the Imperium has considerable wealth. 24% of military spending goes to satelitte defense, 20% to the Air Force, 18% to the Legion, 17% to the Navy, 15% to static defenses, and another 6% to miscellaneous expenditures like the private jet for military leaders and public Triumphs.

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