The Imperium

Flag of The Imperium

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Basic Details
Founded 01/27/2020
Headquarters North America
Color Lime
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Emperor Lord Vader
Internal Affairs I'm Alive?
Economic Affairs Muffins
Foreign Affairs Komnenos
Milcom Palpatine Pal, Gobi
As of 6/22/2020
Total Nations 49
Score 60,101.37
Average Score 1,226.56
Alliance Rank 46
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate The Knights Radiant

Introduction Edit

The Imperium is a lime sphere alliance that was formed on 1/27/2020 by former The Immortals Celestial of Econ and Milcom - Lord Vader.

The Imperium is an alliance based around sovereignty through military and economic strength. The Imperium was founded under a protectorate with The Immortals.

Conflicts Edit

History Edit

  • 1/27/2020 Founded
  • 1/27/2020 Announced Declaration of Existence on Politics and War wiki
  • 2/19/2020 Announced recognition of hostility with Knights Templar and Chromosome Crusade following attacks on Imperial ally's.
  • 3/30/2020 Cancelled all treaties including its protectorate with The Immortals. Signed a protectorate with The Knights Radiant.
  • 4/8/2020 Becomes one of the 50 largest alliances in the game, achieving rank 47
  • 5/5/2020 Became a Lime Sphere alliance
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