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The Imperium

Flag of The Imperium

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Basic Details
Founded 01/27/2020
Headquarters North America
Color Lime
Status Defunct
Discord Server Join Here
Emperor Lord Vader
Internal Affairs Pewdiepie
Economic Affairs Tigerfire
Foreign Affairs Open
Milfcom Open
As of 9/7/2020
Total Nations 75
Score 111,274.08
Average Score 1,483.65
Alliance Rank 26
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate The Knights Radiant
MDoAP Chocolate Castle


This alliance merged with Terminus Est (3rd) to form The Order.


The Imperium was a lime sphere alliance that was formed on 1/27/2020 by former The Immortals Celestial of Econ and Milcom - Lord Vader.

The Imperium is an alliance based around sovereignty through military and economic strength. The Imperium was founded under a protectorate with The Immortals.



The Imperium was founded on January 6th, 2020 with a protectorate under The Immortals. This was during the same time that NPO's Last Time and Great Leak War were occurring. Because of this, The Imperium had very little growth for its first two months and instead focused on growing what members it had at the time.

Once both wars had concluded, The Imperium began mass recruiting, quickly reaching 50 members in just over a month. Mighty Micro Madness started during this time, as The Imperium aided in defense of its allies. Before long, after much internal discussion, The Imperium decided to spit ways with The Immortals and all of itss allies at the time, in favor of signing into what would soon become Quack sphere by signing a protectorate with The Knights Radiant.

During this period The Imperium went through extensive internal reorganization, choosing to abandon an FA department all together and automate Milcom, they also launched an extensive and effective tiering plan to get all their members to city 10. During this period, the game's creator - Alex - made war changes, so The Imperium teamed up with The Knights Radiant in declaring war on Arrgh in the conflict Never Ending Piracy. The Imperium were able to build and deploy automation systems in their milcom department at this time.

After this period of immense growth, The Imperium experienced a slump of recruitment and activity as members had left. They revitalized this period by signing the Chocolate Empire Pact MDoAP with Chocolate Castle. And shortly thereafter declared war on The Wei in Birthwei Party.

Following the conclusion of Birthwei, and with its tiering plan well underway, The Imperium reached an impressive milestone and upgraded its protectorate with The Knights Radiant to an MnDP with the K.A.R.E.N. treaty. Just over a month later The Imperium also signed an MnDP with Terminus Est with the Order 66 treaty. It was in this period that Terminus Est confirmed that The Covenant sphere had been plotting with Hedge Money and Swamp to attack Quack Sphere, which included The Imperium, The Knights Radiant and Terminus Est, as well as other close allies like The $yndicate.

This marked the launch of the now ongoing conflict Global War 16, with The Imperium actively engaged against the combined forces of Swamp, Hedge, Covenant as well as the individual alliances Rose, Camelot and Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics.

The End

After the devastating defeat of Global War 16, morale destroyed, nations ruined and membership depleted, The Imperium decided it was best to close doors and on 1/30/2021 Merged with Terminus Est to create The Order. The Order instantly was a top 20 alliance, and combined with the resources of Terminus Est and the economic prowess of The Imperium quickly made its way to top 15, and became renowned for it's very compressed tiering in the city 10 range.