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Basic Details
Founded 08/04/2019
Headquarters North America
Color Yellow
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
The Fag Tyrion Lannister
Cosmic Lord
  • [Vacant]


The Ultimate Ruler of the Gods

As of November 09, 2019
Total Nations 187
Score 192,709.88
Average Score 1,030.53
Alliance Rank 5
Pantheon Farkistan
' Deathly Hallows
' Schrute Farms
ODP World Task Force

The Immortals(IMMORTALS) is a Yellow sphere alliance that was founded on August 8, 2019 under the protection of Farkistan by Tyrion Lannister, a former member of Pantheon. It quickly gained over 80 members in its first month, rising fast to the top 10. they are currently ranked 5th in global alliance rankings. They said once that if they got to the top 4 New Pacific Order will be destroyed and attacked.

The Immortals is an alliance created based on community, respect, and growth.

Founding Members: Edit

All founding members (Alphabetical Order):

  • Arka12
  • Badger Serf (Left)
  • dude2093350 (Now Lord Vader)
  • Lord Tyrion

Treaties: Edit

MDoAP: Farkistan
MDoAP: Pantheon
ODoAP: Deathly Hallows
ODoAP: Schrute Farms
Defunct Treaties: Edit

ODoAP: Kingslave

ODoAP: The Originals

ODoAP: Mandalorian Empire

Current Government: Edit

Leader Name (Discord): Position
High Gov
Lord Tyrion The First
Vacant Cosmic Lord
Mid & Low Gov
Scratchy Primordial - IA
Delby Celestial - IA
Alcyr Primordial - Milcom
Sam Cooper Celestial - Milcom
tcase42 Celestial - Milcom
James Wilson Primordial - FA
RedMatt007 Celestial - FA
Vacant Primordial - Econ
Arka12 Celestial - Econ
Apocalypse Calculator Celestial - Econ
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