The Immortals

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Basic Details
Founded 08/04/2019
Headquarters Europe
Color Yellow
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
The First Tyrion Lannister
Cosmic Lord

  • [Vacant]

As of August 22, 2019
Total Nations 108
Score 44973.23
Average Score 416.4188
Alliance Rank 50
Protector: Farkistan
ODoAP: Deathly Hallows
ODoAP: Legions of Venice
ODoAP: Schrute Farms
ODoAP: The Originals

The Immortals(IMMORTALS) is a Yellow sphere alliance that was founded the August the 8, 2019 under the protection of Farkistan. It was founded by Tyrion Lannister, a former member of Pantheon. It have quickly gaining over 80 members in its first month, rising fast to the top 50.

The Immortals is focuses on community, respect and growth.
The Holy Anthem

The Holy Anthem

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