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The Hunt for the Holy Grail
Part of the Alliance Wars
Date 5 September 2021 - 25 October 2021
Casus belli


  • Camelot's involvement with IQ during NPOLT; Camelot's reputation the years after NPOLT
Result Nexus-BlackWater Victory
  • Camelot admits defeat
  • Both parties agree to reset their relations
  • 6 month NAP
  • Camelot leaves Green; returns to Maroon
  • Camelot formally denounces former members of Opus Dei for their actions during NPO's Last Time & Great Leak War
  • Camelot’s flags, logos, or other imagery will not be used to mock Camelot
Error 522
Succeeded by
The Clone Wars
Nexus Flag.png

House Stark Second Flag.jpg
House Stark
CTO Commie Flag.png

Order of the White Rose New Flag.png
Order of the White Rose
Viridian Entente Flag.png
Viridian Entente*

Swords of Sanghelios Flag.jpg
Swords of Sanghelios  White Peace
Wos 6.jpg
Sunray 1-1

CamelotFlag Updated.png


House Stark Second Flag.jpg Zygon
CTO Commie Flag.png Daveth
Order of the White Rose New Flag.png Sval
Swords of Sanghelios Flag.jpg Christian III  White Peace
Wos 6.jpg Jack Rackham

CamelotFlag Updated.png Epimetheus

Casualties and losses
$ 22.4 b $ 42.7b
* A one-man alliance of the same name and theme

The Quest for the Holy Grail, is a war that began when Nexus Bloc attacked Camelot.


Nexus Bloc was already at war with The Knights Radiant and its allies (Error 522).

Two weeks before the conflict, King Arthur, Leader of Camelot retired from leadership. Shortly thereafter, Epimetheus succeeded him. Camelot then withdrew from Mystery Bloc and became a paperless alliance, after the new government started thinking their allies were allegedly violating the bloc treaty.


September 6th, 2021

September 9th, 2021

  • Swords of Sanghelios declares neutrality, and leaves the conflict after dealing $2.2 billion in damages.

October 25th, 2021