The Holy Church of Chocolate is a Religion that condemns the consumption of Hersheys and Mint Chocolate while advocating Popular Brands, especially Lindt.

Hierarchy Edit

The Highest Figure of the church is the Popess.

The church further divides the general people into three categories:

  • People that consume Hersheys, Mint Chocolate or other strange variations of chocolate: The Chocolate Heretics
  • People that are ideologically aligned with the church: The Chocolate Saints
  • People that consume mainly chocolate from acceptable brands: The tolerated ones

History Edit

The Holy Church of Chocolate originated out of a friendly dispute between the current popess Menhera I. and the chocolate heretic Smith. The word "Chocolate Heretic" found it's first use there, and was the starting point for the idea of a church.

Later, other people that are now either considered chocolate saints or heretics joined the discussion and after a while Menhera decided to simply roll with the idea.

To this day, many people could be identified to be either saints or heretics, determined by their taste of chocolate or lack thereof.

Influence Edit

The Holy Church of Chocolate considers itself as the Orbis-wide authority in all matters concerning chocolate.

However it doesn't enjoy any sort of formal influence and mainly operates on a non-official basis.

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