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The Hedge Money Accords
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Grumpy Old Bastards
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Children of the Light
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Former Signatories
North Point
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The Enlightenment
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Knights Templar
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Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: 7 March 2020
Treaty Status: Active

The Hedge Money Accords is a Mutual Defense Pact (MDP) bloc signed between Guardian, Grumpy Old Bastards, The Enlightenment and North Point on 7 March 2020.

The Enlightenment and North Point merged into Children of the Light. Knights Templar joined the bloc on 12th May 2020. The bloc is viewed as the successor of KETOG.


Guardian, Grumpy Old Bastards, The Enlightenment and North Point enter into treaties of mutual defense.

Article 1: Money Grows on Hedges

Should someone try to interrupt our hedge money growing scheme, the signatories shall eliminate the weeds.

Article 2: Money Talks

The Signatories agree that if they gain any insider trading knowledge, to inform the other signatories so they can also benefit from the profits.

Article 3: It’s Just Business

If profits from this scheme are not satisfactory for a signatory, they may withdraw relations from another signatory giving 72 hours notice.



President: Memph
President: Vanek

Grumpy Old Bastards

Cantankerous: Sweeeeet Ronny D

Children of the Light

The Blinded One: Kevanovia
The Messenger: Hodor
The Angel of the Light: Akuryo
Pathfinder (FA): Keegoz

Former Signatures

The Enlightenment

The Blinded One: Kev
The Messenger: Hodor

Holy Usurer (Econ): Keegoz
Pathfinder (FA): Samuel Bates
Keeper of the Creed (IA): Leftbehind
Grand Inquisitor (Milcom): Caanite

North Point

Colonel and Major of PR Command (FA): Akuryo
Lieutenant Colonel: Sketchy

Knights Templar

Grand Master: Denison