This alliance was annexed into The Commonwealth on 12 November 2019.

The Hanseatic League

Flag of The Hanseatic League

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Basic Details
Founded December, 9, 2018
Headquarters Europe
Color Purple
Status Defunct
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Prince Victor Van Weyden
Count of Schleswig-Holstein (Heir) Chris IV
Count of Erfurt (Secretary General) Putmir Vladin
Mayor of Konigsberg (IA) Kirron Greyskin
Mayor of Frankfurt (Economy) Agathor
Mayor of Luneburg (Arts) Charles Seeker
Mayor of Danzig (Defence) Donatus XI
As of 6/10/19
Total Nations 26
Score 50,903.83
Average Score 1,957.84
Alliance Rank 52
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate The Commonwealth
MDoAP Electric Space
MDoAP Animation Domination
PIAT Commerce Union
ODP The United Empire of ZahAharon
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