Greater Pacific Commune

Neo Singapore Flag Flag of Greater Pacific Commune

Comrade Benny
Member of The Global Union
Basic Information
Founded December 30th, 2017
Color Blue
National Statistics
Government Type People's Republic People's Republic
Social Policies Liberal Liberal
Economic Policies Extreme Left Extreme Left
Religion No affiliation
Pollution 900
Currency New Asean Dollar
GDP $1,020,694,635.67
Civilians 491,310
Area 7,000 sq. miles mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 70.19 people/sq. mi people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name The ASEAN Peacekeepers
Nation Rank 1,957
Score 573.50
Infantry 36,000
Tanks 1,250
Aircraft 126
Ships 15
Spies Classified
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
Stadium: Oracle Central
Team: Commie Bandits
Investment $163,500.00
National Capital Singapore
Other Cities Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, etc.

After 2019 when ASEAN was defeated by the Chinese in a brutal war over the South-China Sea, China formed the ASEAN member states into a puppet state named the South-East Asian Commune of Pacific states, however the people rebelled and reformed the government into the Greater Pacific Commune, a democratic nation following a Democratic Socialist system similar to that of the Scandinavian countries with Singapore as its capital. Now the nation aims to spread democracy across the Pacific with the aid of the Pasifika Demokratik Front.

History Edit

On December 18th, 2018 Vietnamese coastal defense ships shot down a Chinese fishing boat for intruding in on Vietnamese exclusive economic zone beginning the second Sino-Vietnamese war and by this time, ASEAN had already agreed to defend against the Chinese together believing that they would attempt to take the South China Sea for themselves and so ASEAN was forced into an uneasy border conflict with China. Immediately, ASEAN attempted to find allies in India, the US, Japan, Australia and New Zealand with only India and Japan coming to their defense Australia, the US, and New Zealand only offered minimal support and very light sanctions on China. ASEAN was beginning to fall apart as many ASEAN members had strong ties to China and soon the short and devastating war resulted in ASEAN breaking off into smaller factions and both India and Japan backed down resulting in ASEAN surrender by 2019. China began installing communist regimes across the defeated ASEAN members and the Pacific Commune was the most prominent one, after about 2 years the people had enough and a coup d'etat forced the government to break off their ties with China and reform into the Greater Pacific Commune which still stands till this day beginning its journey through nationhood.

Wars Edit

Imperial Special Operations Division conflict Edit

Successfully supported The Great Caruken Republic against ISOD forces, the main goal of destroying the enemy ground forces was a success.

Typhon-Global Union border skirmishes Edit

Offered minimal support through espionage.

Lolo's floppy fun time war Edit

Successfully defended against IMU forces with relative ease through the use of fortifications.

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