The Great Caruken Republic

Trinidad and Tobago Flag Flag of The Great Caruken Republic

Monarch Carl the Second
Commissioner of Foreign Affairs of Orbis Defense Initiative
Basic Information
Founded 12/08/2017
Color Red
National Statistics
Government Type Constitutional Monarchy Constitutional Monarchy
Social Policies Moderate Moderate
Economic Policies Left Left
Religion Christianity
Pollution 496 Points
Currency Caruken Dollar
GDP $378,847,254.69
Civilians 410,985
Area 6,570 sq. miles mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 62.55 people/sq. mi people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name The Grand Caruken Army
Nation Rank 2,639
Score 480.59
Infantry 57,000
Tanks 0
Aircraft 108
Ships 20
Spies Classified
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
Stadium: Caruken Field
Team: Caru Blues
National Capital Carupolis
Other Cities Caruka, New Carl City, etc.

☀The Great Caruken Republic aims to grow and prosper in Orbis. We are the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs for The Orbis Defense Initiative, so message is for diplomatic stuff. We are one of the old members of the Global Union, and don't mess with me.

Founding Edit

After the collapse of the World's governments due to internal problems, humanity was in chaos. After countless years of chaos, some people decided to leave Earth and head to Orbis, a planet exactly like Earth. There, the people split up and began forming new governments and countries. One of the many groups that traveled to Orbis were the Carukens. Their leader, Dark Lord Carl, was a tyrant who overworked his people. After 10 years of this, his son, Carl II led a revolution against his father with the Army of Caruken Defense. After overthrowing his father, he created a Constitutional Monarchy and established the Great Caruken Republic.

Wars Edit

ISOD-TGU War- Edit

Successfully attacked and extensively damaged main ISOD forces with support from allies.

Typhon-Global Union Border Skirmishes- Edit

Attacked around 2 Typhon members and was forced to either make peace or simply surrender.

Lolo's Floppy Fun Time War- Edit

Was massacred by overwhelming IMU forces and is still recovering.

2nd Typhon-Global Union War- Edit

Helped with espionage, did not participate due to recovery efforts from Lolo's Floppy Fun Time War.

Nordic Sea Raiders Raid- Edit

Helped with negotiating a peace between the 2 nations.

The C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Relight- Edit

Declared war on multiple members of Co-Tin and later made peace due to the war ending.

The Collapse of TGU Edit

After Co-Tin managed to coup TGU, he managed to rejoin the new Orbis Defense Initiative.

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