The Grand Republic

The Grand Republic is a nation led by Tsar of Russia Robert on the continent of Europe. The Grand Republic's government is an Autocracy with a Socialist economy. At 18 days old, The Grand Republic is a young nation. The Grand Republic has a population of 19,857 and a land area of 70 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 283.68.

Tsar Robert

date of birth: 3/2/93

Bio: Self appointed Imperial tsar of Russia and current leader of New Imperial Russian Order, he leads his people with both fairness and determination. He lead the  new Russian Revolution to take back his ancestral home of Staint Petersbrug.


Quickly respounding to an national threat Tsar Robert issued an small army to defend staint petersbrug from the revolutionaries that seek to throw all of Russia back under the iron yoke of opperission. It is unknown what the goal seems to be by threating Staint petersbrug but the newly form Imperial Army shall defend the borders of the Grand republic.

New Imperial Russian order.

Tsar of Russia:Tsar Robert


Imperial officers:open

Mission: unite Russia under the Imperial flag and sercure all trade within the motherland.

Valuse of the order: Loyalty and integrity


Stalin Grad


This is the face of the enemy Stalin, who tried to make our Imperial tsar forsake his people and to bow down to the bolsheviks in exchange for power in Russia. But blessed be to Tsar Robert refused to be tempented in such away but he offered stalin an chance to cooperate in peace and unity. But the evil and oppersive stalin refused peace and threatened the Tsar and Staint Petersbrug. All of Russia must now unite to defeat this evil tyrant if the Tsar has any hopes of uniting Russia under his banner.

National Athem.

God Save the Tsar.

motto: In the Tsar we trust.

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