This alliance has disbanded as of February 23, 2020. More information is available here.

The Golden Horde

The Golden Horde Flag
Flag of The Golden Horde

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Basic Details
Founded 23 February, 2018
Headquarters Asia
Color Yellow
Status Defunct
The Great Khan Buorhann
The Beklare-Bek Sketchy
Khan of War Shiho Nishizumi
Khan of Finance Sketchy
Khan of Diplomacy Hodor
Khan of Discipline Ameyuri
As of 11 September, 2018
Total Nations 36
Score 95000+
Average Score 2700+
Alliance Rank 18
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP Knights Templar
MDP Oblivion
MDP Empyrea
MDP Guardian
MDP Grumpy Old Bastards

The Golden Horde (TGH) was a yellow team alliance that was founded on February 23, 2018 by Buorhann and Sketchy. Other founding members were made up predominately of former members of Rose and Mensa HQ. The Golden Horde theme is based on a mix of the early pre-turkicized Golden Horde and the preceding Mongol Empire.

The Golden Horde was an active military-focused alliance motivated by a thirst for conflict, chaos and conquest. Members of The Golden Horde were not farmers, nor diplomats, but warriors, united by the singular purpose of expanding the dominion of The Golden Horde and bringing glory and honor to the Great Khan.

The government functioned as an absolute dictatorship under the rule of the Great Khan who held the final word on all decisions if necessary, otherwise most power was delegated to the lesser Khans. The Golden Horde only accepted members who were willing to fight, to zero infrastructure and the last dollar if necessary,  who were willing to follow the order of the Great Khan and Lesser Khans, and who were active and can login regularly.

Great KhansEdit

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History of The Golden Horde Edit

War Name Enemy Combatants Duration Damage Totals
Ayyslamic Crusade
Polaris War Flag Polaris
Black Knights Flag The United Empire
Order of the White Rose New Flag Order of the White Rose
Cerberus Flag Cerberus
Orange Defense Network Flag Orange Defense Network
United Purple Nations Flag United Purple Nations
Black Knights Flag Black Knights
Start Date
March 18, 2018

End Date
April 18, 2018
Damage Dealt $28,390,886,894

Damage Taken $1,793,302,135
The Continuation
Orange Defense Network Flag Orange Defense Network
Start Date
April 18, 2018

End Date
May 3, 2018
Damage Dealt $1,108,883,876

Damage Taken $294,440,864
Dance Dance Revolution
The Knights Radiant Flag The Knights Radiant
The Commonwealth Flag The Commonwealth
The Revolutionary Front Flag The Revolutionary Front
Start Date
June 7, 2018

End Date
August 14, 2018
Damage Dealt $13,195,586,746

Damage Taken $15,832,838,402
A Tale Of Two Vanguards
The Revolutionary Front Flag The Revolutionary Front
Start Date
November 2, 2018

End Date
November 13, 2018
Damage Dealt $5,083,033,246

Damage Taken $1,298,207,181
Surf's Up
The Knights Radiant Flag The Knights Radiant
Soup Kitchen Flag Soup Kitchen
Church of Spaceology Flag Church of Spaceology
Seven Kingdoms Flag Seven Kingdoms
Nova Riata Flag Nova Riata
Valinor Flag Valinor
The Federation Flag The Federation
Start Date
May 25, 2019

End Date
June 17, 2019
Damage Dealt $31,740,529,102

Damage Taken $12,651,970,768
NPO's Last Time
Black Knights Flag Black Knights
New Pacific Order Flag New Pacific Order
Guardians of the Galaxy Flag Guardians of the Galaxy
Acadia Flag 2 Acadia
United Purple Nations Flag United Purple Nations
Polaris War Flag Polaris
Camelot Flag Camelot
Start Date
June 17, 2019

End Date
February 20, 2020
Damage Dealt $83,147,380,650

Damage Taken $40,835,401,744

The Great Khan Name Start Date End Date
First Buorhann February 23, 2018 February 23, 2020

The Beklare-Bek Name Start Date End Date
First Sketchy February 23, 2018 February 23, 2020

Khan of War Name Start Date End Date
First Shiho Nishizumi February 23, 2018 February 23, 2020

Khan of Finance Name Start Date End Date
First Sketchy February 23, 2018 February 23, 2020

Khan of Diplomacy Name Start Date End Date
First Settra February 23, 2018 June 16, 2018
Second Hodor June 17, 2018 February 23, 2020

Khan of Discipline Name Start Date End Date
Vacant February 23, 2018 February 26, 2018
First Vack February 27, 2018 April 18, 2018
Vacant April 19, 2018 April 26, 2018
Second Pubstomper April 27, 2018 February 17, 2019
Third Ameyuri February 18, 2019 February 23, 2020

History Breakdown. Edit

Founding and First Weeks. Edit

The idea for The Golden Horde had originated in late 2017, in a conversation between Buorhann and Sketchy, following the assessment of the contemporary state of affairs. Following months of planning and recruitment, The Golden Horde launched on the 23rd of February of 2018, with the Declaration of Existence coming four days later, partially due to the contemporary Parti Rep Conflict delaying the joining of a few members.

In the short interim between the aforementioned conflict and Ayyslamic Crusade, The Golden Horde signed it's first treaty with Imperium of Man, and benefited from a merger with Assassin Order.

Ayyslamic Crusade. Edit

On March 18th, The Golden Horde, accompanied by Imperium of Man, Roz Wei, and Nordic Sea Raiders, partook in Ayyslamic Crusade , in the form of a blitz on Polaris, Order of The White Rose, and The United Empire of Zah'Aharon . Where The Golden Horde was concerned, this selection of alliances came in part as a result of a taunt from Polaris, with the other alliances being preemptive strikes. A combination of the original targets being neutralized, stray hits from Black Knights, and a monetary offer from the larger coalition resulted in the ad-hoc group extending it's involvement against IQ proper. Additionally, The Golden Horde struck Orange Defense Network on March 24th, a New Pacific Order protectorate, for pixel burning/loot reasons.

The conflict broadly came to an end on April 18th, with a White Peace and NAP being agreed upon by the opposing parties.

Continuation War and Interbellum. Edit

With ODN declining on ceasing hostilities alongside it's coalition, The Golden Horde and Imperium of Man saw an extra two weeks of conflict in what came to be known as The Continuation. This prolongation resulted in a White Peace on May 1st.

Shortly afterwards, and as a result of a combination of IC issues/misunderstanding and RL reasons, IoM disbanded on May 3rd, resulting in the bulk of the membership leaving, with some of those who remained opting to join TGH. The following day, TGH and KT signed an MDP .

A series of public ideological disagreements with TRF, alongside a pre-existing dislike for KT/TGH present in TCW and TKR, resulted in TRF signing TCW, one of the many measures taken in preparation for the subsequent conflict, Dance Dance Revolution/69 Day War.

DDR/69DW. Edit

Dance Dance Revolution was initiated on June 7th, as a result of a blitz by TKR, TCW and TRF on TGH and KT. TKR disclosed it's CB two days later, as a response to mounting private pressure. TRF, had a separate CB of it's own which it deemed to be actionable upon, and one which nature and acquisition method sparked significant controversy. The nature of the CB's presented, alongside the terms that were being pushed for peace, were the reasons upon which the leaderships of KT and TGH decided to wage a protracted guerrilla warfare. This saw the birth of many novel tactics, which proved to be effective in this conflict, and would go on to be utilized in future ones, such as Knightfall and NPO's Last Time.

The conflict came to it's conclusion on August 14th, with much lighter terms which consisted of an Admission of Defeat from the Knights Templar and The Golden Horde, alongside an accessory joke term for The Golden Horde. At the time of it's conclusion, the 69 Day War became the longest recorded war in Orbis history, until it was superseded by the subsequent Global War, Knightfall.

Peace, Bloc Building, TRF Skirmish. Edit

Following the end of 69DW, TGH and KT underwent a rebuild/restocking period to make up for the losses and expenditures from AC and 69DW. On top of the economic recovery, the duo worked on signing new allies in order to form and bolster it's bloc. The first addition was Empyrea (a rebrand of Roz Wei) on August 14th, followed by Oblivion shortly afterwards.

No notable events took place until the beginning of Knightfall, which started with a joint blitz by several spheres on TKR and it's allies/affiliates. While TGH and KT abstained from partaking directly, individuals from TGH fought as mercenaries. Furthermore, Empyrea and Oblivion also partook in the conflict, also in exchange of resources.

A combination of TRF being spared from the war if it didn't come to it's allies' aid, alongside a mass counter on Rough Riders by TGH coming to an abrupt end and subsequently causing internal discontent, resulted in KT and TGH making preparations for hitting TRF. In the build up, TGH, KT and Empyrea swapped their themes to that of Vanguard alliances in a mocking fashion, both for comedic purposes and as a smokescreen to conceal the true target. TGH, KT and Empyrea mocked Polaris,TUE and OWR , respectively.

TGH and KT hit TRF on November 2nd, with the conflict being known as A Tale of Two Vanguards. It concluded on November 13th, with a White Peace and a requirement for TRF to abandon the Black color group.

Following the conclusion of Knightfall, and the dissolution of TKR's sphere as it existed, TGH and KT signed Grumpy Old Bastards and Guardian on April 11th of 2019, thus giving birth to KETOGG. After an evaluation of different alternatives, KETOGG settled with hitting Chaos, TKR's new bloc consisting of themselves, Seven Kingdoms, Soup Kitchen, Church of Spaceology, and other protectorates/subsidiaries of these alliances.

Surf's Up. Edit

KETOGG initiated Surf's Up on May 25th of 2019, with a blitz on the main alliances. While initially a fairly close conflict, misplays by Valinor and Nova Riata (and the latter's subsequent disbanding due to cheating) in regards to their target selection resulted in KETOGG securing a decisive edge.

Throughout the duration of Surf's Up, rumors arose that BK and The Covenant were planning to get involved. These were confirmed when an ex-TCW govt member leaked a screenshot (preserved in the wiki) that depicted plans to directly attack Chaos, and intents of involving a separate sphere to attack KETOGG. This resulted in a declaration on June 17th, which both concluded Surf's Up with a White Peace, and served as KETOGG declaration of war on The Covenant.

NPO's Last Time. Edit

NPOLT started with a preemptive attack on the Black Knights and The Covenant by Rose/Chaos and KETOGG, respectively. The former responded with a series of staggered counters, which proved to be ineffective. These continued until The Syndicate's (and it's affiliates) entry to the conflict on June 19th, which sparked public controversy given their and NPO's previous private reassurances that they weren't involved in the aforementioned leaked plans. This entry was done under an unilaterally given set of conditions, which limited their involvement to only warring Grumpy/Guardian, unless if countered by the broader Coalition A (KETOGG+ Chaos + Rose, and others). After intense internal debate within Coalition A, it was agreed upon that not responding to this aggression and focusing on suppressing and neutralizing BK was the best course of action for the overall war effort.

This resulted in NPO breaking the agreement, and declaring on TKR on June 24th, given that it was unable to aid BK, it's primary war goal, under such an arrangement. The Syndicate and it's allies responded by withdrawing from the conflict on the same day. These turns of events resulted in a scenario where, due to numerical inferiority and tiering issues, Coalition A gradually lost conventional control. As a result, it opted to transition to guerrilla warfare.

Peace Talks were slow to initialize due to Coalition A's unwillingness to accept Coalition B's demand of the former granting a surrender as a precondition, which the Col. A saw as simultaneously debilitating it's standing and bolstering that of Coalition B's, while also being suspicious that Coalition B would not reciprocate on the gesture, and would instead, capitalize upon it and exploit it to it's fullest to extract as many benefits/demands from Coalition A as possible. These concerns were proven to be correct when, once KERCHTOGG (KETOGG and Chaos) and Syndisphere agreed to such a demand on November 2nd, they were greeted with an intentionally drawn-out and frustrating peace process. The nature of these peace talks resulted in a subsequent withdrawal from the talks by Coalition A. Further leaks which unveiled Coalition B's true intentions stiffened Coalition A's stance.

The unconventional resistance presented by Coalition A in general, and TGH/KT/TKR in particular (these being named directly in leaks), albeit costly, proved to be effective at eroding Coalition B's economic and political standing. Throughout the war, Coalition B saw many of it's members either disband as a result of the toll the war took on them, or sign peace separately, the latter which would eventually see Coalition B's core (BK/NPO/GotG) adopt draconian measures to discourage further individual peaces, which took the form of either threatening said alliances with war should they peace out, and/or bringing these alliances back into the war, be it by direct attacks or treaty chains.

The combination of these two factors meant that, by January 11th of 2020, the day when TCW broke away from Coalition B due to constant antagonization and direct attacks on it's allies, Coalition B was reduced in size, and lacked any remaining significant upper tier presence. This gave Coalition A the window to rebuild and retake the upper tier, which it managed to do. With a renewed conventional presence, and in control of the upper tier, Coalition A proceeded to push downward until it hit a stalemate as a result of nation score limitations, combined with a presence Coalition B retained at said score range.

In the midst of this, attention had garnered around GPWC, which the administrator, Alex, looked into. After research and deliberation, Alex concluded on Feb 5th that their activities were in violation of the game rules, and responded by banning it's organizers, disbanding the alliance, deleting the inactive/farm nations, and deleting part of the illicitly generated funds. Coalition A's response to the scandal was to broadly refuse to further entertain any of Coalition B's demands or desires, and instead offered a simple White Peace and NAP to finalize the conflict. The remaining alliances in Coalition B responded to the moderation decision in different ways. Black Knights and Guardians of the Galaxy disbanded and had members delete in apparent protest of the admin's decision. The majority of the alliances accepted Coalition A's offer in the following days. The New Pacific Order, the main culprit of the arrangement, made many public threats of bringing the game down with them before departing definitely. A second moderation decision affected NPO a week later, on Feb 12th, when Alex identified a resource spawning exploit, and subsequently banned the perpetrators, which involved NPO's offshore bank. In the process, Alex neglected to fully scrub one of the person's details, leaving his IP and email visible by accident. As a result of this, NPO's leadership in exile decided to issue the order to have it's membership delete and abandon the game, effectively disbanding and neutering the alliance.

On February 20th, Buorhann, in behalf of Coalition A, declared the conflict to be finalized, due to there being no remaining Coalition B alliances, be it due to them having already withdrawn, disbanded, or surrendered. While a de jure White Peace, the closure of the war marked a de facto Victory for Coalition A, as it had regained full conventional control by it's closure, and because it ended the war on it's terms, rather than Coalition B's.

Disbandment. Edit

On February 6th, as the war was winding down and coming to it's eventual closure, Buorhann notified the membership that The Golden Horde was set to disband shortly after the war's conclusion. The notice was given in advance, so to allow members to start making arrangements, and the decision was made as a result of Buorhann's own real-life time constraints, alongside not wishing the next Khan having to deal with the branding/diplomatic issues that the name posed whilst being unable to provide advice to the successor.

Rebuild efforts were initiated prior to the war's conclusion, on tiers which were not going to see further combat. Rebuild extended to everyone who requested for it once the conflict ended. As a result of the end date, alongside a suggestion, the disbandment date was set to be on February 23rd, the day the alliance was founded on two years prior. As part of Buorhann's desire to reward those who had remained throughout the conflict, bank funds were distributed on the 23rd to grant cities to those who asked. On the evening of February 23rd, Buorhann made an OWF announcement , which officially put an end to The Golden Horde as an entity. The Horde's members left for their new alliances, with the primary recipients being Rose and The Syndicate.

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