The Gnome Accords is a Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) that was signed between two parties as a result of the Oglethorpe loss in Gnome Wars


The Holy Empire of Hindh and the Realm of Dark Wood who speaks on the behalf of the Oglethorpe Alliance do ordain to this treaty in the spirit of economic prosperity

Article I: Non-AgressionEdit

Both parties agree to act with a level of decorum toward the other in public. Further, both parties agree not to go to war with each other without a 48 hour period of prior notice.

Article II: Economic CooperationEdit

A high level of bilateral trade and fair economic cooperation is highly encouraged between the treaty signatories

Article III: Defense AssistanceEdit

Any of the signatories may request assistance in the form of mercenarial aid. However, there is no obligatory factor and it is entirely up to assistor to deny the request. This is not a mutal defence accord, it is an NAP

Article IV: FriendshipEdit

It is required for the signatories to maintain high lvels of regard when adressing one another, no form of vulgur language or disrespect is tolerated

Article V: Dissolution Edit

Although we hope this pact stays firm as long as possible, in the case

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