Origins Edit

The Frog race was first documented in France as a trading city called Frais but after the invasion by the Toads the Frogs began to build a military and take more land forming the Frogairen Rus

Frog farmer

The War Of The Fallen Edit

The war of the fallen was the bloodiest war in frog history lasting 3 years but killing 3 million frogs the war was started over toad raids on the Frogairen Rus killing thousands of dung beetles and burning down reed plantations so the Frogs attacked but the toads were in defensive positions all along the boarder so the frogs consistently attacked but they would only push a Couple miles


The Duchys Edit

In the Frog lands are 3 Duchys

  • The Duchy of the Swamp
  • The Duchy of the Log
  • The Duchy of Mushroom

All of these Duchys have unique cultures with the Swamp its a battle ready military the Log is an agricultural masterpiece and the Mushroom is a land of learning and teaching being where the only universitys are.

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