The Friendship Signing

Obelisk Flag
Polaris Flag

Treaty Type: MnDP
Treaty Signed: January 2, 2017
Treaty Terminated: March 14, 2017
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Friendship Signing is a Mutual Non-Chaining Defense Pact signed between Obelisk and Polaris on January 2, 2017.

Obelisk and Polaris hereby enter into the following agreement:

Article I - The Polar Ties

Both Obelisk and Polaris will come to the defense of the other if either is attacked.

Article II - Drop the Chains

This is a non-chaining treaty. Should either party declare a war, then receive counter attacks from other alliances, there is no obligation for the other to come to their defense.

Article III - Secret Note Passing

Both parties agree to be open and share information with one another. All details of foreign affairs moves and major internal information will be shared between the two parties.

Article IV - Break Up Clause

Should either party so desire, the treaty can be canceled provided 72 hours’ notice is given.


Signed for Obelisk

Park - Supreme Council
Prezyan - Supreme Council
Ockey 5 - Minister Of Internal Affairs
Chappie - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Nataniel Drake - Minister of Military Affairs
Lank - Minister of Economic Affairs

Signed for Polaris

Emperor - Almighty Grub
Regenant - EaTeM
Minister of Truth - Alexia
Minister of Peace - Kriegskoenig
Minister of love - WsxPhoenix
Minister of Plenty - Dendarii

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