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This alliance merged with Crimson Dawn to form SFR Yugoslavia on 2 July 2023.

The Firefly Militia

Firefly Militia Flag
Flag of The Firefly Militia

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Basic Details
Founded 29th January, 2023
Color red
Status Defunct
Militia Commander Maple lst
Militia Internal Affairs Commander Roger
Militia Defense Commander Ardus Kaine
Militia Advisory Council
Militia Diplomatic Affairs Commander Maple lst
Militia EO Commander Mette-Frederiksen
Militia Propaganda Marshal Mao Zedong
ilitia Education Minister Council
Militia Entertainment Minister Honganji Kennyo
As of 22nd May, 2023
Total Nations 20
Score 44,356.90
Average Score 2,217.85
Alliance Rank 68
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP Camelot
MDoAP Crimson Dawn
MDoAP The High Table
MDoAP Solar Order
NAP Castle Camelot

The Firefly Militia[]


"Remember.. When you're lost in the darkness.. Look for the light.."[]

The Firefly Militia was an alliance founded on January 29th 2023. Intense planning in the alliances formation was taken before it's creation. Planning for the Militia originally began in May of 2022, from it's Commander, Maple lst who at the time, was serving the USSR as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The formation was meant to be roughly a month earlier than January, however the last fighters of the USSR clang on to fight for their homeland. The USSR officially collapsed around the same time of the Militia's formation, but the Fireflies do not claim the torch of the fallen USSR.

Early Firefly History[]

The Fireflies began drawing up the Militia plan in May of 2022, and creation of the Militia was meant to occur after it's commander, Maple finished paying off a hefty grant. However, Maple would stay far longer in the alliance as intended, as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics entered a struggle for survival. The USSR was hit by mass raids from numerous alliances, however majorly from Arrgh, and from almost an entirely inactive gov, struggled to defend the alliance, and the defense ministry failed to organize, resulting in nations to fend for themselves. In this apocalyptic situation, many nations left to seek better homes. Many nations stayed in the alliance to fight until the bitter end, including Maple. After the USSR had been run thin, and their best fighters being destroyed, Maple officially left to The Grand Imperial Army on January 28th for a grand total of roughly two weeks in order to receive financial aid, and build his nation back up to finalize the Militia's establishment. At this point, many of the founding members in the alliance had fled aswell, seeking economic repair. Eventually after the 2-3 week period was up, Maple had officially left The Grand Imperial Army and established The Firefly Militia. With a handful of founding members, they quickly organized, finding a protector and organizing internal affairs, the economy, aswell as foreign affairs. The Fireflies also sought to establish an education program, in which at the time of writing this is still being worked on.

The Last of Us I[]

The Firefly Militia is a Revolutionary Militia, founded in the 2010's, featured in The Last of Us I and The Last of us Part II. The Fireflies rose against military oppression in numerous Quarantine zones against the Federal Disaster Response Agency, (or F.E.D.R.A) Who had staged a coup d'état against the US government, and by 2033, (The events of The Last of Us) F.E.D.R.A had total control over the US military and the Center for Disease Control. The Fireflies sought to restore pre-pandemic government control. It was common for civilian population in QZs to rise up against F.E.D.R.A alongside the Fireflies during events such as food shortages, military oppression, and Firefly instigation. When comparing Fireflies to other rebels, numbers vary and usually rebel groups (Such as the Hunters) are far more brutal, but much less organized and usually desperate to cling onto survival. The Fireflies were not only seeking to destroy F.E.D.R.A and restore pre-pandemic rule, but they were also looking for a vaccine for the Cordyceps Brain Infection. The Fireflies were spread nationwide and had numerous Headquarters, however by the end of The Last of Us, the Fireflies' final HQ is located in St. Mary's Hospital,

In Salt Lake city, Utah. Marlene led the Militia from its founding in the 2010's till her death in 2034, being killed by the smuggler Joel Miller.

Fireflies wear yellow or green clothing, to resemble the color of real fireflies, and some also wear brown. To distinguish each other from spies, Fireflies wear pendants around their necks.

By the 2020s, the Fireflies inspired civilians in numerous quarantine zones to rise up against the military, leading to rebellions in several cities in the United States. While rebelling, Fireflies commonly graffitied their group's slogan, "Look for the light", around the cities, mainly on building walls. This made support for the Militia explode, The Fireflies successfully defeated the military in several Quarantine Zones, some examples are Pittsburgh and Seattle. The Fireflies' actions however, did not always have the desired results. In most uprisings, rioting citizens have done more of the fighting than actual Firefly members, leading to feuds that typically resulted in the citizens turning on their city's Fireflies after the revolt was finished, fearing a reign of oppression by the Fireflies, rather than the military. The Fireflies lost control and were executed or forced to flee, allowing the citizens to take over, some adopting a "survival of the fittest" philosophy instead of trying to find a cure or build a better society. An example of this is the hunters of Pittsburgh, or , the Washington Liberation Front, who remained amiable towards the Fireflies, accepting numerous members from the group into the city's community in 2034.

The Fireflies were dedicated in their war against F.E.D.R.A, and had a long and drawn out military campaign in he Denver QZ. Two Fireflies known as Eugene Linden and Tommy Miller, were placed into a Firefly Terrorist Cell and bombed a number of locations inside the QZ. The two also captured a good number of military personnel. Despite this, the campaign in Denver came to a standstill.

The Fireflies were indeed close to finding a vaccine in the year 2028. This process had a tank on the Militia's morale as the US military hunted them down. The University of Eastern Colorado would be one of the Militia's final headquarters for research and vaccine development. They set up after all the students in the University either left, or had died out. The Fireflies set up logs and a guard tower to watch the outskirts of their HQ, where they held up in the science building. A message from a Firefly's recorder brings up the near success of a vaccine, but nothing coming of it. The Fireflies soon left the UEC after the discovery of a bloater, and they relocated to St. Mary's Hospital. Most of the medical equipment in the evacuation was lost, including a scientist who was bit by a lab monkey and later took his own life.

In late April of 2034, the Fireflies were extremely demoralized after the St Mary's massacre, in which the potential for a cure, Marlene, and many other notable Fireflies were killed. Many years of fighting the military, the death of the Fireflies leadership, and the lost potential to create a vaccine brought Fireflies to lose hope in the Militia, in which they voted to disband in 2036. However, by the events of The Last of Us Part ll, it was revealed in a recording that the Fireflies were against disbanding. Many wanted to continue with the purpose of the Militia, finding a vaccine and resisting military oppression. There were rumors spread across the United States of the Fireflies reforming in Santa Barbara. In a radio transmission, it was revealed that over 200 former Fireflies had grouped on Catalina Island, and were growing fast in numbers.

Cordyceps Brain Infection[]

Military Pamphlet

The Military Pamphlet, mass produced by F.E.D.R.A. This was used to display the four stages of the Cordyceps Brain Infection, and it's physical affects.