The Federation

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Basic Details
Founded 21 March 2018
Color Blue
Status Active
King Kosta
Prince George the Destroyer
Grand Duke Khronox
Duke of Internal Affairs Pope Urban IX
Duke of Foreign Affairs Kosta
Duke of Military Affairs Jack Poe
Duke of Economic Affairs Khronox
As of October 2nd, 2019
Total Nations 37
Score 83,489.36
Average Score 2,256.47
Alliance Rank 21
Active Blocs
Bloc The Swamp
Active Treaties
MDoAP The Fighting Pacifists
MDoAP Farkistan
MDoAP The Ampersand
MDoAP The Immortals
MDoAP The Lost Empire
PIAT Celtic Commonwealth

The Federation is a blue team alliance which was founded on 21 March 2018.

In-game Description Edit

Welcome to The Federation, a union of nations formed together under one central, strong and independent government. In accordance with our core values The Federation intends to bring about a close-knit community. We are willing to co-operate and collaborate with all but we don't hesitate to defend our own. The founders originally aspired to one day reach the top through hard work, dedication and without sacrificing our values. Have a nice day!

Core Values Edit

Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance


The Federation during its 3rd Era adopts an Absolute Monarchy.

Royal Family
King: Kosta
Prince: George the Destroyer

Privy and King's Councils
Grand Duke: Khronox

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Lord Steward: Pope Urban IX
Keeper: Karl Artemovich . Keeper: Hunter A Prater

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Lord Ambassador: Kosta
Ambassador: Stanislaw Augustus

Ministry of Military Affairs
Lord Marshal: Jack Poe
Marshal: Grinklin Marshal Hunter a Prater

Ministry of Economic Affairs
Lord of the Coin Khronox
Exchequer Vacant

Royal Council
Barons Baronets



Notable Conflicts Edit

War Opponent Outcome
Knightfall The Dixie Union, iSTEM Alliance Defeated iSTEM

Withdrew from the war

The Great Sock War Pantheon Laevinic defeat/Surrender
Accident in the Mines The Coal Mines Allied Victory

Alliance Announcements Edit

Protectorate Treaty:


The Great Sock War:


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