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The Fault in Our Stars
Part of the Great Wars
Date June 29, 2022 - August 2, 2022

(Duration: 35 days)

Casus belli HW:
  • None Declared


  • Raids
Result Hollywood Victory
  • Celestial admits defeat
  • All alliance-wide embargoes withdrawn
  • All alliances return to pre-war colour blocs
Preceded by
Size Does Matter
The Knights Radiation
Succeeded by
War of the Roses

The Knights Radiant Flag
The Knights Radiant
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag
Grumpy Old Bastards
The Immortals Flag
The Immortals
Guardian Flag
BK new flag
Black Knights
Oblivion Second Flag
Name Withheld

Celestial Flag

The Syndicate Flag
The Syndicate
Eternal Empire of Rose
ASM Flag
Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics
House Stark Third Flag
House Stark
Dead Rabbits flag
The Dead Rabbits

Hogwarts Flag 2022

Respublica Romana
Yarr Flag

The Hand of God
The Hand of Fate


The Knights Radiant Flag Wizel16
The Knights Radiant Flag Canbec
The Knights Radiant Flag WarriorSoul
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag SRD
The Immortals Flag Scratchy
Guardian Flag Memph
Guardian Flag synthesis
Guardian Flag JtTeE
Guardian Flag Vanek26
BK new flag Yosodog
Oblivion Second Flag Ockey5
Namewithheldflag Bradley

The Syndicate Flag WANA
The Syndicate Flag Lucas
The Syndicate Flag Vemek
The Syndicate Flag Golden Pope
Eternal Empire of Rose Lucianus
ASM Flag Comrade Joe
ASM Flag Sakura
House Stark Third Flag Darth Ataxia
Dead Rabbits flag Jax Teller
Hogwarts Flag 2022 David Cameron
R&rflag Dreadnought
Yarr Flag im317

The Hand of God Ducc Zucc
The Hand of God Horsecock

Casualties and losses
$216.88b $442.16b
Damages according to the P&W Stats discord server

The Fault in Our Stars is a global conflict that began on June 29th 2022 when Hollywood blitzed Celestial. The Hand of Fate also took the opportunity to attack both sides.

The beginning on the conflict coincided with The Knights Radiant's 7th birthday. TKR was also involved in The Knights Radiation war against Church of Atom. Later in the war HoF would hit Yarr bringing them into the conflict.

Notably both Hollywood and Celestial had recently been allied to each other with the controversial Hollestial multi-bloc treaty.

On August 2nd Celestial admitted defeat to Hollywood. Alliances would all return to their pre-war Colours. All alliance-wide embargoes would also be withdrawn, most of which had been placed by House Stark.

Following the end of the war Hogwarts, who had lost a significant portion of their score during the war, rebranded once again to Odyssey after Big Mac retired from leadership.


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